Don't Forget to Tivo - Friday 9.24

tivo_friday.pngTonight's only new show is Blue Bloods, with Tom Selleck playing Frank Reagan,the New York Police Commissioner and head of the Reagan brood who are all cops. Donnie Wahlberg plays one of his sons. Reviews have been positive, making some critics hopeful for Friday nights in general.

8:00 PM
CBS - Medium (Season 7 Premier)
NBC - Dateline (Season 20 Premier)
CW - Smallville (Season 10 Premier)

9:00 PM
CBS - CSI: NY (Season 7 Premier)
Fox - The Good Guys (Time Slot Premier)
CW - Supernatural (Season 6 Premier)

10:00 PM
ABC - 20/20 (ABC)
CBS - Blue Bloods (Series Premier)
NBC - Outlaw (Time Slot Premier)
HBO - Real Time with Bill Maher

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