Science Channel Unveils Slate for 2010-11

Science Channel's 2010-11 upfront programming slate ignites viewers' imaginations, provoking them to consider the world and what lies beyond in different, mind blowing ways. The robust slate of original and returning programming pursues knowledge through significant questions of the massive ideas about the unknown universe and our future to Earth's minuscule components.

It's a unique journey dominated by unconventional thinkers-people with an unbridled passion for wanting to know more and who believe nothing is as it seems. Science Channel will introduce viewers to the personalities pushing the boundaries of science including those whose ideas may seem more like fiction, but may one day be fact with two original series PROPHETS OF SCIENCE FICTION and FRINGE SCIENCE. And later this year, the network will debut the provocative new series WORLD WITHOUT, hosted by biologist and celebrated television presenter Liz Bonin, which asks: what if one key element we take for granted every day was removed was removed from Earth? How would Earth transform and what would it mean for mankind?
Returning to the network is celebrated author and theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku in an all-new season of SCI FI SCIENCE: PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. The METEORITE MEN, Steven Arnold and Geoff Notkin, return for a new season of searching for invaluable records of the universe, and it's all about rockets and backyard innovation in Science Channel's coverage of the annual L.D.R.S. competition.

"Science Channel believes science is more than a word," said Debbie Myers, Science Channel General Manager. "It's a world audiences find endlessly fascinating. We strive to provide them with a window into the creativity, imagination and innovation that exists around every corner, and to showcase how it touches every part of their lives, every day."

New Series

Prophets of Science Fiction
In this all-new series, Science Channel investigates the lives, ideas, convictions, philosophies and genius of visionaries from the science fiction field. Each episode explores one pillar of the genre who symbolizes the most groundbreaking conceptual viewpoints of their era. Viewers will see many of these thinkers for the first time as Science Channel leaves no stone unturned from their upbringing and its impact on his or her future worldview to what we can learn from their ideas of what mankind can achieve.

The World Without

The premise is simple: what would the world be like if one key element we take for granted every day was removed? In this new series viewers will find out how the planet would respond if cockroaches, death, snakes, sunlight, earth's natural rotation, wind and more were suddenly taken from daily life. How would the earth change over a period of one year, 100 years and 10,000 years if it were suddenly void of one ingredient?

Mutant Planet
A bewildering diversity of mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, insects and plants fills our planet with life. But how did Earth come to support such a range of strange and eccentric animals and insects? Did natural selection allow for their patterns of behavior to flourish? Science Channel is focusing its lens on six special regions of the planet to bring viewers a better understanding of the powerful forces that create the mysteries of evolution.

Fringe Science
Before the term science existed mankind has sought to learn more about the physical world. The inspired minds of Aristotle, Newton, Galileo, Fognacci, Hawking and Heinlin pushed the boundaries of knowledge with new and innovative scientific methods, deviated from the accepted norm, and created theories so outrageous for their time the concepts most certainly would have been considered unconventional. FRINGE SCIENCE takes viewers into the next century of science where the freshest ideas seem eccentric, but may one day be accepted as central to our reality and the science community.

What If?
What if one critical moment in history had gone the other way? What would our world look like? "What If?" challenges the brainpower of the world's brightest scientists to paint a startling and completely credible picture of a world that almost was: Humans and Neanderthals living side-by-side, the United States paralyzed by a larger Three Mile Island incident, and a terrorist attack that brings the world economy to a halt.

New Specials

The Last Shuttle Mission (working title)
As NASA retires the historic space shuttle program, Science Channel brings viewers the definitive story of the shuttle through the men and women who worked tirelessly to build it. From preparations for the momentous final mission to live coverage of the Shuttle Discovery launch from Kennedy Space Center, THE LAST SHUTTLE MISSION will celebrate the orbiter's achievements, present the shuttle's untold stories and look towards mankind's limitless future in space.

Super Humans
From god-like strength and synesthesia to magnetism and telekinesis, this groundbreaking series reveals the amazing stories of real people with extraordinary super powers. These super human abilities completely confound our understanding of what it is to be human, how we use our senses and what the limits to our natural abilities are.

Returning series are How It's Made, Build it Bigger, Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible and Meteorite Men. Returning specials are Punkin Chunkin 2010 and Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships.

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