SyFy New Original Psychic Series 'Mary Knows Best'

Meet Mary Occhino, the matriarch of a proud Long Island Italian-American family who always takes her work home with her because communicating with the spirit world is a 24-hour a day job. Mary Knows Best (working title) gives a whole new meaning to the term "mother is always right." The six-episode one-hour series is produced by Atlas Media Corp and begins production this spring and premieres on Syfy on Thursday, July 15 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).

"Mary is not your average psychic," said Mark Stern, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, Syfy and Co-Head of Content for Universal Cable Productions. "Whether hosting her successful radio show, dealing with her children or just a passerby, her straightforward, no-nonsense demeanor and knack for never knowing when to quit, gives her a unique charm."

Mary Knows Best (working title) chronicles the poignant and often funny situations that Mary and her family get themselves into on a daily basis. A successful author, radio host, psychic intuitive and mother of three, Mary touches the lives of nearly everyone she meets. Her children, Jackie, Chris and Carl are a mismatched group of siblings consisting of a skeptic, a paranormal investigator and a reluctant psychic. In each episode, viewers will be introduced to an unforgettable cast of family characters including Mary's outspoken older brother Charles and two adorable grandchildren.

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What are you people at Sy-Fy doing you have so many things to chose from and you go with this shit come on we want SY-FY, this is not what we want in our Sy-Fy channel lets get rid of Mary, and who said she knows best,. there are better things to go with then this crap your doing.

well come on wayne you got to now that it might someday become a hit series besides there alot of people who do beleive in that stuff there are people who can feel the energy around them even see ghost or souls even aura but there are speculations to it i dont hardly even beleive in that stuff...anymore the only thing that keeps going on that crap is the reality of both god and that anything is possible and i now everything isnt based in fiction or magic but i now that CRAP!! isnt hardly fake but i had a girl friend who could see aura and change mood but not instent i can do something to but i havent fully understood my gift from GOD YES GOD!!!!!!!! and if you dont believe i n god i hope pray dureing the rapturing heres a hint satin will have you tattoo a part of your body 666 as an axis code for food and just liveing in your own house from there you will probably start to get really sick and you would have seven years p.s. i just thought of seven and i think seven is meant for snake i dont now for sure though but it just make sense. i can produse energy through my hands onto electronics to speed them up increase yfi decrease yfi and push spirits or entities away from me or others the only down fall to this is there is a slite heaviness in my hand and or my body and on the other person i think and i just want to save lifes from satin and his wickedness. he decieves he is the deceiver dont give into deception and just go to church or sabith or any holy place you want and hopefully this extremely long sentence helped you in some way. p.s. i am only fourteen so dont jujge me

Mary....I am asking You to corresopond if You would?????

I watch syfy and have been through some very horrible You have Any valuable advice for Me about these matters????

Mary Knows Best is WONDERFUL. I have been a fan of Mary Occhino for several years and have listened to her show each morning on 102 Sirius radio. She is funny, forthright, honest, entertaining and usually dead on in her readings. I have called her a few times, and she has been very accurate and compassionate.

There will ALWAYS be HATERS and non-believers. Ignore them and watch the show. The characters are real, honest, entertaining and fun to watch.

I totally agree with you dude. Sy-fy has been out of touch with it's core audience for years!

There may be a place for Mary on TV, but it's not the SY-FY. [That goes double for the wrestling and (too much) Ghost Hunters.]

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