What I Watched Last Night: House "The Tyrant"

HouseWow, talk about an episode.  House returns to the hospital, the old team gets back together and James Earl Jones is the patient.  Sounds like a recipe for the perfect episode, right?

Spoiler alert in case you haven't watched yet.

Ok, so the episode in short:  Taub and 13 have quit/been fired so Foreman is left asking Chase and Cameron to return to the team until he can hire someone new, House returns to Plainsboro after realizing diagnostic medicine is where he should be after all but he doesn't have his license back yet so he can only consult and James Earl Jones is playing the dictator with a blood vomiting problem.

Now since Cameron is back on the team, we've got a case of the he's-a-bad-man-should-we-fix-him-or-nots.  At first I thought to myself "Typical. Back to square one," but as the episode progressed, I actually found myself caught up in this story and wondering "What would I do?".  Of course, that could very well have been the awesome power of Mr. Jones.  He actually had me believing for a second, during one of his scenes with Chase, that perhaps he wasn't as bad as we made him out to be.

Naturally I was wrong and in the end it was Chase who made the big decision to get rid of this guy which lead to a pretty powerful scene between him and Foreman when he discovered what Chase had done. This should lead to an interesting conflict between the two of them next week.

Oh, I would be remiss if I didn't bring up the side story with House and Wilson's crazy neighbor with a missing arm (played by David Marciano of "The Shield").  First of all, did anyone else think of Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm") when House attempted to confront the grump only to be completely wrong and put in his place?  I felt that same stress I do every time Larry makes a mistake.  Although it's incredibly funny for "Curb," I truly hope we don't have to watch the super intelligent House fumble like this every week.  It would get exhausting.

However, the scene where he teaches the one-armed guy how to relieve his phantom pain was fantastic. 

I liked:
House playing a mime during one of the team's sessions was absolutely hilarious.  Also loved the shout outs to two great shows as House attacked the neighbor "Dexter" style and Wilson took a crack at Bill Compton from "True Blood" when he says "I am vampire, Sookie."  He even tried to say it right..."Sook-eh"

I didn't like: Hugh Laurie never had a moment with James Earl Jones.  Talk about a miss!  Also, ENOUGH with Foreman and 13's relationship.  Does anyone actually care about these two being a pair anymore?

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I am so over 13 and Foreman. In fact, I've hated Foreman the whole season so far. I laughed at the True Blood ref, even though I haven't seen the show, it's so in the culture already that I caught it.

Great recap. I watched and cringed at House with the neighbor and your Curb note is perfect, though I didn't get it at the time. But I was having the exact same reaction that I do with Larry.

Looks like next week will be more on the same topic. We disagreed about what we would have done so I'm more than curious to see how far the show goes with the topic.

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