What I Watched Last Night: Dexter - "Remains to Be Seen"

dexter"Dexter" has by far been one of my all time favorite shows.  The concept, the actors, the story...I love it all.  However, last season there seemed to be just a little something missing. Not that it wasn't great, but the first two season were just so...awesome.

So when season 4 began last week, I really had my fingers crossed...especially with a baby involved.  I've been worried that this new season would be all Dexter cooing over the baby and trying to find time to kill which...well frankly just the idea bores me to death.

So I basically held my breath throughout most of the entire first episode and when it was all said and done, I exhaled and breathed a huge sight of relief.  "Dexter" is back and it could be a potentially fantastic season again...especially with John Lithgow playing a serial killer.  I mean c'mon, it's just too perfect.

Ok, so last night's episode was super stressful. If you saw episode one, then you remember we left off with Dex falling asleep behind the wheel and getting into a (very realistic) car accident with a dead body (Benny) in the back...or so we are lead to believe.

 We picked up right where we left off with Dexter being pulled from the wreckage and slowly coming to realize there are cops swarming his car. After a trip to the hospital and another obnoxious scene with Rita (I'm sorry but her nagging is even getting on my nerves), he races back to his SUV in search of the remains.

They're not there. 

This isn't a recap because the bottom line is, you should watch the episode if you haven't already.  So I'm not going to fill you in on the  nitty gritty details.  Just know there's lots of angry Dexter (which is always a treat), multiple visits from his dead dad Harry, a confrontation with Debra (Dexter's sister) and Frank Lundy (her ex-lover) (and another between Masuka and Lt. Laguerta) and a shady situation between Dex and Quinn. 

Oh and John Lithgow was awesome too.  So so so creepy.

My favorite part:  No one can deny the final moment of the episode was simply perfect.  Dexter finally lays down for some rest after a very sleep-deprived day (played well enough that even I let out a sigh) under the closing monologue. It goes quiet, he closes his eyes...and the baby cries.  Dex responds, "F--k." /end scene

Least favorite part: I'm already bored with the Masuka/Lt. Laguerta relationship.  They need to go somewhere interesting with this or give it a rest.  Also the previously mentioned nagging from Rita and how she apparently refuses to take the late night baby feeding shift even after her husband suffers a concussion in a car wreck due to lack of sleep.

Should you watch: Duh.

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