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Lifetime Movie Network, the number two-rated women's channel after its sister network Lifetime Television, will let its audience decide which film the Network will air on Fridays at 8:00 and 10:00 PM ET through its Lifetime Movie Network's Pick-A-Flick Fridays.

Effective immediately, Lifetime Movie Network's viewers will be able to vote online for their favorite films at and choose which movie they would prefer to watch that following Friday at 8:00 and 10:00 PM ET (beginning October 9). Viewers can vote as many times as they wish during the week, selecting their top choice from five film titles as part of Lifetime Movie Network's Pick-A-Flick Fridays.

The five choices for the first Lifetime Movie Network's Pick-A-Flick Fridays include Maid of Honor, which centers on a woman's jealousy over the engagement of her secret love; The Last Trimester, deals with the murder of a newborn; Cries in the Dark, about a female cop whose sister is murdered; A Teacher's Crime, a suspense thriller involving a teacher who befriends one of her students and is ultimately blackmailed by his ex-con father; and Double Cross, a murder mystery about wives in unhappy marriages.

In the following weeks, Lifetime Movie Network Pick-A-Flick Fridays choices will be specially-themed. The Network will feature romantic love stories on October 16, bad relationships on October 23 and Halloween themed movies on October 30.

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I would like to see Pet Semetary 1 and 2. That was the best horror movie, and I haven't seen it in a long time. Please broadcast these again.

i would like to see the last trimester


we all want to see Frazier at 9 central every morning. everyone loves his reruns. why change a good thing

Hi I am looking for movies & all you have are TV movies. I am looking for the moveis about the Kissel brothers, it has family in the title. Was hoping you would be showing it. Thank you for your time.

i would like to see prayers for bobby

I would like to see Homcoming

I would like to see this movie i only got to see thr ending thanks.

I would like to see La Belle La Mafia

i would love to see more horror flicks

i would love to see more horror flicks

Would like to be able to see info on viewers choice selection prior to movie time.
Never know what I'll be watching til movie starts, cut off voting at noon friday and make final choice available to viewers.

I would like to see small sacrifcies with farrah facwett.

I think this "pick-a-flick" is inconvenient and a nuisance and it's time to end a bad effort and move on.

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