Sneak Peek - Tomorrow's 'Closer' and 'Raising the Bar'

Check out these sneak peeks of tomorrow night's "The Closer" and "Raising the Bar" starting at 9pm on TNT.

On "The Closer," a large box with a body stuffed inside leads Brenda in search of suspects, and she winds up with several: a scripture-thumping stepfather, a disgruntled ex-girlfriend, a buddy who was constantly being hit up for money and a landlord who simply hated the victim's guts. 

Meanwhile, Brenda's niece, Charlie, pulls a stunt so severe, she and Fritz are ready to put her on a plane home immediately.

On "Raising the Bar," Bobbi defefnds a young woman accused of trying to smuggle a brick of cocaine, but her client's appearance proves to be an issue.  Michelle, who is prosecuting the case, has to rely on testimony by her cop boyfriend, but there's something a little to coincidental about his involvement.

Meanwhile, Jerry works on Marcus to secure a better deal for his client, but Marcus refuses, saying Jerry should have accepted the offer a year ago, when it was first made.

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