Nat Geo Presents 'The Girl Who Cried Blood' and 'The World's Smallest Girl'

One night. Two Phenomena.  National Geographic follows the emotional, spiritual and scientific journeys of "The Girl Who Cries Blood" and "The World's Smallest Girl" on Sunday, September 13, 2009 starting at 9pm eastern.

(Washington, D.C. - August 11, 2009) To friends and family, they are typical Indian teenager. Twinkle Dwiveldi is a 13-year-old tomboy who hangs out with neighborhood kids, listens to music and studies only when she feels like it.  Jyoti Amge just turned 15, loves fashionable clothes and dreams of being a Bollywood actress. Yet their medical conditions are anything but typical. To the outside, curious world, these girls are phenomena.

For nearly two year, Twinkle has reported spontaneously bleeding from her eyes as well as her head, hands and other body parts -- though there s no visible source or injury to explain it.  Jyoti is about the size of a 6-month-old baby at 12 pounds and less than 2 feet tall, her delicate frame includes two fractured legs that prevent her from walking without pain.  Though strangers who live 400 miles apart in separate Indian cities, they and their protective families are unknowingly connected in their unique spiritual and scientific search for healing.

Twinkle: Age 13.  The Girl Who Cries Blood.

"Sometimes I believe we'll find a cure...but we are broken now.  We've lost faith." - Nandani, Twinkle's mother.

The bleeding from her eyes and even hands, head and elsewhere on her body appears to start anytime -- when Twinkle is watching TV, playing or simply doing nothing.  There is no visible injury that prompts it, and she feels little pain.  In fact, when the blood is washed off, no cuts or scrapes are's as if it never happened.

Some say a bad omen has been cast; others think she is possessed and yet others think it could be self-inflicted.  Twinkle and her mother Nandani have tried dispelling the spirits at their temple as well as seeking medical treatment.  But even doctors at one of India's best hospitals are baffled and have not been able to provide a single medical explanation. 

Now, mother and daughter embark on a pilgrimage searching for answers -- visiting a Catholic bishop to find out if her case could be an instance of stigmata, the mysterious appearance of woulds like those Jesus suffered at his crucifixion; taking part in a spiritual cleansing at one of India's holiest places; and meeting a famous practitioner of advanced ayurverda, an ancient from of natural health care.  But in the end, they decide to put their faith in a top American blood specialist, Dr. George Buchanan, who is flying to India to investigate Twinkle's extraordinary medical case. 

When Dr. Buchanan gets and emergency call in the middle of the night that Twinkle has started bleeding, he is finally able to meet her and collect the samples for a rang of sophisticated blood tests -- perhaps offering a breakthrough.  But the tests come back indicating only a minor problem of blood platelets, without answering how the bleeding is brought on.  Dr. Buchanan is suspicious that the tears of blood could be faked, angering Twinkle so much that she abruptly leaves. 

"I really very much admire this young lady and her mother and...see a very healthy relationship between the two," he says. " My heart tells me that this really is truly something that I've never seen before.  My head tells me as a physician scientist that in fact Munchhausen's syndrome by proxy [an illness fabricated or induced by a parent] is the most likely diagnosis.  But I'm going to keep an open mind."

Jyoti: Age 15.  The World's Smallest Girl

"Despite being different to the rest of the world she doesn't consider herself small, she wants to do what you and I can do." -- Kishanji, Jyoti's father.

From birth, Jyoti survived against the odds.  Doctors believed the 3-pound baby might live only a few minutes, but instead she began to miraculously strengthen.  Her growth, however, was transient and by age 3, Jyoti knew she was smaller than the other children.  Today at age 15, she is just under 2 feet tall and weights approximately 12 pounds -- considered by record keepers as the smallest girl in the world, and revered by other as a goddess incarnate. 

Although never medically confirmed, her stature is likely due to a case of acute pituitary dwarfism.  With weak, breakable bones, Jyoti has sustained a number of serious injuries, including fractures to bother her legs that prevent her from walking normally.  Her family looks to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ram Soni to help her walk without pain.  A series of X-rays reveal she has suffered bad fractures to her right thigh and left shin.  In a condition called pseudoarthrosis, she has developed false joints that support the fracture points, which could cause long-term damage if left untreated.  The good news is that Dr. Soni believes an operation to fix her legs is possible. 

But when Jyoti is unable to endure the forthcoming blood tests because of the pain the needle inflicts on her tiny arms, her parents decide that the demands of a full scale surgery are far too risky.  Now, they turn their backs on modern medicine and pin their hopes on a traditional Indian healer who claims he can mend Jyoti's broken bones with a special ointment and a drink -- a "gift from God." They're convinced this is the best chance of a cure.  After all, she's survived the odds before, and she still has big hopes to fulfill.

"My dream is to do films, " she says, about becoming a famous Bollywood actress. "I think that when my legs get better, I will be able to achieve my dream."


american doctors kill me with this self iduced illness some people are really sick and oh how much of an ass you will feel if this is something higher than your powers way higher we "americans" are so quick to judge other nations and people without a consience and not caring for ones feelings what if this were your child better yet deeper your parents everyone in the word aren't drug addicts nor making up stuff you mr physician have it too good your title has gone to your head just have a opened mind boy i know how you must feel twinkle to be called a liar whatever it is she's bleeding and should not be criticized i am ill and i know sometimes i just wanna die having to deal with ill mannered sick twisted psychotic doctors who say you can refuse treatment it's your choice and actually you cant you call in a shrink our nurses in the states are very nasty attituded too like we need them hello have you forgotten if it weren't for patients you wouldn't have a job ? pray to god that he forgives you all on judgement day we patients and as a person don't want to deal with you no more than you do with us i'm hoping that we change because how can you go to another country and try to solve a problem when you have a closet full here? take care of home first before you go hunting down someone elses and stop judging people because she just might have a problem that you may never have heard of before it only makes you look stupid because you haven't heard of it there are rare illnesses out there you should have learned in med school you may never have met someone with it though and even if you met someone with a rare illness would you know what to do no i close my case

i just want to say. if she isnt broken then dont fix her. maybe her body is producing to much blood and needs it way out so maybe they should look in to donating blood. she might have a unque type of blood that is rare.

here is another idea not likely
but vampires cry blood may be she is the missing link to vampira.....

i think it is cool she crys blood, it makes her unque

the smallest girl wow that is also cool y is it that we as parents need to feel that if something isnt right with our kids, we have to try to fix it and dont get me started on doctors,
doctors like to experiment on anything and everything
this girl is 15 years old.
i have questions
1. is she happy or sad?
2. how are u doing in school
3. do u have a boyfriend? if they let u date
all i want to say is it is up to Jyoti's to decide if she wants all this medical attention, and if i was her parents i would try to make her comfortable and happy and not let all these crazy doctors give there opinions about what needs to be done because in the end it should be up to Jyoti
injy her company make her laugh and play with her and read to her and let her date and most of all leave her alone with all the medical stuff. she probly doesnt even care or she might but want it up to her....


"NAVYWIFE" You must be very stupid or just plain ill informed thus I blame not you but me for having read you post which has now made me, STUPID!!!

There is no Santa Clause, Unicorns or Angels...

Ok, enough of my life already wasted on you...

I am amazed at how many of you do not know correct grammar or spelling. I am embarrassed and disappointed at how the school system failed you.

Hey Zach,

The military doesn't hire certain people because they can spell, but rather because they can shoot straight and think on their feet. As for the woman who can only find her identity through who she's married to, that's another issue entirely.

On another topic, I wonder if Dr. Buchanan has heard of haemolacria? I suppose we will just have to wait for the episode to air!


I will never watch another of these type shows. You get strung along for an hour and nothing is revealed in the end.

navywife is a psycho. must be a liberal dem?

Really! It was like episode 1 of a series. I feel ripped off.

Hi navywife.. ex-Navy myself here.

They have to consider all possibilities, including self-induced illness. Consider if someone came to you and told you they could fly, but it happens spontaneously, and by the time anyone came to see, the ability had worn off and the only thing anyone saw was the fall afterward. It's more likely than not that the person is just jumping off the swing set, especially if the swing set (her mother) is always around when it happens.

That doesn't mean they don't believe her, just that they need to see it happen before they can spend the resources pursuing a cause.. first you rule out the most likely cause(s), then you move on to the less likely causes.

that episode was horrible. what a waste of an hour. the episode 'the world's smallest girl' was just as useless.

thanks national geographic for the tremendous letdown and waste of time!!

Check this site out, this is CRAZY. I feel for the children this is happening to and there familys. Alot of people cast there doubt on them but really what do they have to gain?
Anyway check it out you can really see the blood come up in the eyes. This is not a hoax.

I'm a skeptic on the tears of blood. Sounds like the mommy might be looking for attention here threw her daughter. I also hated the way it ended. I could be wrong but i dought it. As well as i dought the tears of blood.

If you're going to call someone ignorant, at least know how to spell it...

How can you people think that girl would do that to herself. Her mother has put how much time and money into figuring out what is wrong with her. The only reason the doctor acts that way is because he does not want to adimt he can figure out what is wrong with her. I know how she feels, I have a type of seizure that is so rare it took doctors all over the U.S. 4 years to understand what is wrong with me. Some of you people just don't get it because you never went through. Think how you would feel in those positions.

Maybe because of Twinkle's people worshiping other gods, this is God's way of trying to reach them by using Twinkle as a means to try to turn them to him.

This was a topic at Southern Methodist University's Alpha Epsilon Delta event. If your interested in this and want to see what Dr. George Buchanan, director of the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children's Medical center of Dallas said go to

i was watching a show about twinkle,but it never told me what the cause was!if you are not going to tell us what is going to tell us what happend,why choose that topic!?

Girl who cried blood....
She started when she was 12, about the time of menarche. Endometriosis, and WHY would you not take a 14 year old to see an OB/Gyn in the first place?

its not funny to make comments like that the only thing i can come up with is that u r lacking common sense.

u may have a point on her having too much blood but she would not bleed like dat so it has to be some other medical problem.

blleeding like that is not ordinary so they should they should try n find out the problem with her

Twinkle just keep having hope n i will pray for u!!!!!!!!!!!

hi, could anyone tell me if there was any progress and did the doctor get back in touch with the girl in india and did they keep her on a 24 hr watch, i hated the ending and wanted to no more and if it was true or false???

The whole thing seemed like a set up really, from the doctors to the camera men and especially the mother and daughter. They had a camera crew ready 24/7 but never caught this bleeding as it started, the whole thing about crying blood or at least red tears being unheard of is bollocks too though. With the girl/mother turning down anything that would isolate them or put them in a foreign place was just far too convenient, looked like a textbook case of the haunted house that no one has ever witnessed.

An interesting way to combine a travel log with a presentation ,for teaching purposes,some facts about human blood coagulation mechanisms,and what the Munchhausen syndrome is.

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