Interview with 'Biggest Loser' Producer - What it takes to be a contestant

Check out this fun interview with a casting director/producer of "The Biggest Loser" and learn what it takes to be a contestant on the show.


To Whom it may concern:
I have been a big fam of The Biggest Loser since it started. I would like to voice my concern about the image the show is projecting. Last season the language that Jill & Bob were using was getting worse with each episode. (I'm speaking of the cursing/foul language). Then on this season's first show their filthy mouths were unbelievable! Come on!!! The show is suppose to be a "role model" for young kids to better themselves and you allow such degrading, demeaning filthy language to come from "professional" trainers! In most gyms, any trainer who treated their clients with such disrepect would be thrown out with no 'second chances'! And for adults who enjoy the show, why feed us all the immature potty-mouth? To encourage someone to give 100% of themselves does not mean you have to drag them through the gutter! If this continues, I will have to spend my time doing more profitable things.
Thanks for "hearing me out".

You know people act as if they,ve never heard any of this cursing/foul language, get over it, get over yourself it's a fact of life if you don't like it don't watch. Sometimes that is what it take for a person to get motivated. yes in most gyms they would be, but why do you think these people do so well it's because of Jillian and Bob. In a regular gym they are being paid to do a service, I'm not saying that Bob and Jillian are not being paid, but they have to be tough on them or they will be just as they were when they got to the ranch and if it takes the cursing or whatever else to get them to their goal so be it,these people that want to be there know what they are like if they've watch the show, so they know what there in for and also the producers or whoever blep it out, our children hear far worse things in our schools than on the Biggest Loser

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