National Geographic Channel Celebrates Darwin's 200th Birthday

When Whales had Legs
photo from "Morphed: When Whales Had Legs"
courtesy of National Geographic Channel

Charles Darwin literally risked everything to explore the planet and change our understanding of life itself through his groundbreaking theory of evolution.  Now, 200 years after his birth and 150 years since he published "On the Origin of Species," National Geographic Channel celebrates his achievements with two nights of back-to-back premieres!

First an all new, three part series called "Morphed" that premieres Sunday, February 8th at 8pm ET.  The show will take you on a journey across the planet and through time to chart the evolutionary success of three iconic creatures: dinosaurs, whales and bears.  Using advanced CGI, forensic examination of the latest fossil evidence and 3-D animation, "Morphed" brings the creatures back to life and recreates the most dramatic forces impacting their evolution - from natural disaster to brushes with extinction.

Then, two nights later on Tuesday, February 10th at 9pm ET, it's "Darwin's Secret Notebooks" where NatGeo recreates his transcontinental odyssey aboard the HMS Beagle.  While Darwin was best known for his studies of life on the Galapagos Islands, his stop there was a brief one on a multiyear expedition.  Drawing from his words and obvservation, the show uncovers other lesser-known discoveries and travels that helped shape his theory of natural selection.

Then finally, in a new "Explorer: Monster Fish of the Congo" that premieres after "Secret Notebooks" at 10pm ET, NatGeo travels with a team of explorers and scientists into the Congo River Basin of Africa to witness the ongoing process of evolution in a phenomenal natural underwater lab. 

Keep your eyes out for more info on each program!  This is a television event you're not going to want to miss.

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They are also doing a live discussion on Sunday night with some evolution experts.

Does anyone know who the narrator for the Nat Geo Channel series "Morphed" is? His voice sounds very familiar. He has a mysterious yet authorative voice that sounds very nice.

I always want to know who the Narrator is....Don't know why...but I if anyone can answer the question I'd appreciate it. I wasn't able to find it on the Nat Geo Channel webpage.

Hi Yas! Sorry it took me so long to respond, Nat Geo contacts were out of the office for the long weekend. Good news though, I got an answer!

The narrator is Reg. E. Cathy. He also narrated the NatGeo special "Aftermath: Population Zero" and he was also in the HBO show "The Wire".

Hope that helps! Again, sorry for the late response.

Thank you so much for the answer! I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out the narrator - I knew the voice, I just couldn't place it, and the NatGeo site was no help at all. They listed a Peter Guinness, who narrated the 2nd episode.

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