What I Watched Last Night: Should You?

American IdolWell, it's finally here! American Idol season 8 premiered last night and of course I had to watch.  I'm not one of those 'Idol' fanatics though.  I always love the auditions and usually watch most of Hollywood week when there's still a good amount of drama going on, but after that I tend to lose interest.  Except for the year of Sanjaya, but that's another story.

I wait for that one person to keep me watching every season and I think I have to come to terms with the fact that I just prefer watching bad auditions and silly cat fights during group night.  Oh, and Simon being rude.  That's always good.

Speaking of Simon, there's a new judge in town, Kara DioGuardi, and I honestly wasn't sure if I'd be ok with that.  It's always weird when you're used to a regular formula and then bam, something new gets added to the mix.  However, let it be known that she may surely become my second favorite judge.  She's tough, smart and clearly got the background to judge this thing, having written over 100 hit songs herself.  Maybe she'll see something in a singer the other three never did.  Most of all, she got in a miniature cat fight/sing off with "bikini girl" which was really what won me over.

Should You Watch?
  Well geez, if you've never watched before, I can think of no reason to get you to start watching now.  It's really all the same with the exception of the new judge.  I'll be sure to let you know if something new arises that you'll want to see.

The MentalistAs you may know, this is one of my favorite shows.  Why?  Well Simon Baker is a very good place to start.  I know I'm not the only gal (and probably some guys out there too) who gets all mushy when Patrick Jane (Baker) smiles.  Particularly when he does it during some odd innapropriate time, like over a dead body. 

It's also always a treat to watch Jane debunk the paranormal and this time it was witchcraft.  A small town football player is murdered and it looks like the local neighborhood witch is guilty when the CBI finds the victime surrounded by candles and a pentacle.  But although the witch, Tamzin Dove (Azura Skye), admits she put a "killing spell" on the teen, Jane suspsects there's more than meets the eye. 

What was great about this episode?  Jane doing his own thing of course (like he does).  In the opening scene, the CBI team goes to speak with the victim's parents while Patrick, always 3 steps ahead, talks to some kids outside.  Why them?  Because they're all boys riding a pink bike of course.  Wouldn't that make anyone suspicious? After a heavy dose of Patrick Jane psychology, he's knows exactly where to find the body.

Also, Cho (Tim Kang) had a fun little story line.  Normally the strong and silent type, we got to see him put on edge when surrounded by the occult.  When they reach the witch's house, he notices a goat on the door.  Cho remarks that this is a sign of satan and Lisbon responds, "So petting zoos are like the gateway to hell?" 

Should You Watch?
Yes you should freakin' watch.  It's witty, interesting, funny, filled with little twists and if you're into smiles at all, well Simon Baker does it best!

LeverageThat's twice in a week I've seen Dan Lauria (you may remember him as Kevin's dad on the "Wonder Years") make a cameo.  He played Victory's dad on the "Lipstick Jungle" finale last Friday.  Last night he was the head mafia boss who framed a restaurant owner for murder, promising him that his family would be taken care of if he took the hit.

Of course, you can never trust the mob.  The restaurant owner's wife shows up at Leverage headquarters and asks the team to get her the money they were promised but never given.  Naturally Nathan (Hutton) isn't thrilled about taking on the mafia, but it's too late.  Sophie (Gina Bellman) has already taken the bate and seeing as how she and Nathan clearly have a romantic past, she dangles the whole "but her husband is in jail for 15 years and it's hard to wait for the one you love" thing over his head. 

When the team learns that the mob boss's daughter is about to get married, they disguise themselves as wedding planners in order to get access inside of the "McMansion" the gangster lives in.

Definitely another fun episode and still getting fun glimpses into the team's past.  As I mentioned, it's becoming clearer and clearer that Nathan and Sophie have a potentially very romantic history (though it never go hot and steamy as Nate has already made it clear that he resisted temptation).  Also, we learned that Eliot (Christian Kane) is an excellent chef.  More importantly, that he once took on the "Butcher of Kiev" who randomly showed up at the wedding and made room for the episodes one liner:

"Have you ever been to Kiev?  The cakemaker of Kiev would whoop all our asses.  This is the Butcher."

Should You Watch? 
Yes.  The show is still fun and doesn't appear to be losing any steam.  The characters are really starting to settle and now it's time to make way for some love interests, if that's what you're into.

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I've really been enjoying Mentalist and Leverage. I would guess any fan of Bones might like them. They have the case, there's always the murder, but it's usually handled lightly. The twinkle that Simon Baker can generate is worth it alone, but the rest of the cast is fun, too. I'm even getting used to Robin Tunney.

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