What I Watched Last Night: Should You?

Gossip GirlThe reason I love Mondays and my biggest guilty TV pleasure. I swear, I could watch Chuck Bass be a "basshole" every night of the week...and I couldn't tell you why.  I just love a good Bass sized chunk of drama I guess.

I can even deal with the whole Serena/Dan, Lily/Rufus madness.  Quick recap on that: Lilly is Serena's daughter, Dan is Rufus's son.  D & S started dating but it got all weird last season when they found out that L & R used to be lovers and might still be in love.  Now this season, just as D & S got back together (they broke up over something else earlier this season), they discover that L & R have a child together.  In other words, they share a sibling. 

Seriously, I could go on for hours about Gossip Girl.  It's just that juicy.  The bottom line, Chuck and Blair are still not together and if B's willpower holds out after last night's episode (yeah right), they never will be.  Jenny is still coping with the aftershock of her fashion life disaster that took place earlier this season.  Meanwhile, Nate and Vanessa are dating and celebrating their two week anniversary with candy and coffee?  First of all, where have they been all this time?  Second of all....gag me.

Should you watch?  Oh please, do you really have to ask?  Don't be shy or embarrassed.  I know I'm not the only one hooked on this ridiculous upper east side drama!

Superstars of DanceI love to watch dance, but to be honest I don't watch a lot of dance shows.  Not because I don't like them, because I get jealous. I want to be up their dancing tooo!! 

Anyhow, this show is really awesome and the dancers are all amazing...however, I really only have one thing to say:


Should you watch?
Uuuum, did you watch that video?  (By the way, that video is from last weeks premiere.  Last night's tango isn't up yet but it's just as amazing)

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Wow! That's incredible! I guess it;s been a while since I watched two pros dance instead of one pro and one "celebrity". Beautiful.

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