What I Watched Last Night: Should You?

Howie Do ItI felt it my duty to watch since it was a series premiere and all.  If it wasn't for that fact, I might have skipped out.  Sure, 'Candid Camera' was funny back in the day, but I just couldn't picture myself watching a full hour of Howie Mandel's silly pranks.

I was right and wrong. It was funny.  I mean, it's obviously not your grandma's hidden camera show (fake plastic surgery to scare a husband, making out with another guy to trick your husband...poor husbands). Also, in the age of reality TV, it's a lot easier to set people up.  Most of the 'marks' were reeled in by the prospect of starring in one.  I have to admit, that's very well played.  I also thought it was funny that Howie was there for each prank, wearing the WORST disguise's ever and people still didn't catch on. 

The worst part of the show?  The ridiculously HUGE live audience Howie had.  Do you ever watch something like 'Funniest Home Videos' and wonder how they get that group of people to smile and act so cheesy?  Well, imagine what looked like an entire arena of people doing that very same thing.  Smiling, chanting "Howie"....even giving a standing ovation at the end.  It just felt...like a huge cult.

Should you watch?  Yeah, so long as nothing else is on.  It's definitely funny.  I admit I laughed out loud a few times.  However, if there's another show you enjoy in that 8 o'clock slot on Friday, don't skip it for this.

Lipstick JungleOk, this has been the big surprise show for me. I'm sooo ridiculously hooked on the story line that I can finally relate to my fellow female friends who are crazy for things like "Sex and the City".  (Not that I didn't like it, I just didn't have HBO at the time so I never had the chance to get hooked).  Also a big surprise because I've never been a Brooke Shields fan...until now.

In case you didn't know, 'Jungle' has been hanging in the balance for at least a month now.  It was canceled, then it wasn't, etc.  Bottom line, last nights episode was a finale, we just don't know if it was a series or season end.  (Please let it be season. PLEASE!) 

Before I watched last night, I assumed it was just a season finale.  After watching, I raced to the internet to see if I had missed something.  They tied up some loose ends (Nikko and Kirby back together again, Joe and Victory getting ready for marriage) and finished it all off with a sappy musical montage of scenes from the season, giving me every reason to wonder, "Is it over forever?"  There was definitely closure...but not enough in my opinion.

Should you watch?
  Well, if a new season does become a reality, then YES!  If it's canceled, then skip out on the repeats.  You'll just end up hooked like me and so many other fans and then left wanting more. 

Ghost WhispererYet another big surprise for me.  I always assumed my...bleh...for Jennifer Love Hewitt would keep me away from this show, that is until I caught some of the older episodes over the summer.  I slowly started to get caught up in the relationship between Melinda (Hewitt) and Jim (David Conrad) plus I've always been a fan of the paranormal.

Of course I tune in this season when they kill Jim off and his soul dives into someone else's body (by the way, I knew he'd stick around in the after life but that I wasn't expecting. Kudos to the writers).  Now there's a crazy struggle between the past owner of the body (Sam) and Jim's soul, neither of which can remember their past lives.  It's been fun watching and waiting to see how that will all pan out. 

The odd thing though?  The side stories seem kind of meaningless by comparison.  It's not that they're bad, it's just that I'm dying to see some sort of closure on this whole Jim/Sam story arc.  I mean last night's was definitely good.  Family splits up because of the accidental death of their son (yikes, death by lawn mower?!) who - naturally - is the ghost of the episode.  The boy spirit haunts the house he lived in which Delia (Camryn Manheim) is also trying to sell, but he won't go into the light until his family gets back together.

Meanwhile, Sam/Jim found an engagement ring a few weeks back and is trying to find out who the ring was meant for.  By the end of the episode, he's discovered who the ex is and about to take a road trip to go find her while Melinda stays quiet but heart broken.

Should you watch?
  Oh I don't know. I never pictured myself recommending 'Whisperer' before.  However, I'd have to say if you enjoy 'Medium', you'll probably like this one.  Not that they're the same outside the concept, but you catch my drift.  Plus I gotta point out that I love the sets in this show.  A nice mix of fantasy and reality.  I always end up wanting to move in and work at Melinda's antique shop. 

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