What I Watched Last Night: Should You?

LeverageIt's no secret I've become a fast fan of this newer show from TNT.  I look forward to it every Tuesday and last night's episode didn't disappoint.  Especially since it was a Parker-sode (Beth Riesgraf).

In case you haven't watched yet,  Parker is the tiny, blond thief with a penchant for heights, escapes and squeezing herself into small spaces. What brought her to her lot in life was revealed in more detail in last nights "The Stork Job" which had the team racing to save an orphan from a fake Serbian adoption agency. 

Normally not one for emotions and family ties, this one clearly hits her where it counts.  Parker ends up putting the team at risk when she relates to the case on a personal level because of her foster care and abusive past. 

Sure, sure, it's all sweet and good, but my favorite part of last nights episode have got to be watching Hutton pretend to be a director on a fake movie set they stole in order to finish the job.  Having worked with many directors, I can say with all certainty that he nailed it.  He really is growing on me.

Should you watch? 
Hell yes.  This show is still filled with fun twists and turns and I appreciate each episode choosing and featuring a character every week.  With every new story, I find myself getting more attached to the players.  My only question would be, can the writers keep this up for much longer?

The MentalistThis might be my favorite new show of 2008.  Yes, it helps that I'm a little head over heals for Simon Baker, but he's not all there is to it.

"The Mentalist" returned last night after a short holiday break and man, were they prepared to reel us back in!  If you haven't been caught up with the story line, Patrick Jane (Baker) used to be a professional psychic.  You know, like that John Edwards guy.  One night he came home from work to find his wife and child murdered by the serial killer known as Red John, which led him to quit his phony psychic work and share his observational skills with law enforcement.  Specifically, the CBI (California Bureau of Investigation...who knew!?).

Finally, last night, we got an entire episode dedicated to Jane's need to find Red John and the lengths he'll go to.   We met Renfro, a convict who appears very clearly guilty of murder, but claims innocence, and offers Jane info on Red John if he gets him out.  After a little cat and mouse, Jane agrees and puts the CBI team at risk when he's told not to proceed with the closed investigation.

Bottom line, the whole team puts their heads together, they prove Renfro's innocence and get him out of jail to spill the beans on Red John.  However, we learn the mysterious RJ is about the only person a few steps ahead of Patrick Jane when they find Renfro dead in a bathtub in Mexico.  We did get a little clue to mull over though.  Renfro wrote on the wall before he died: "He is Mar". 

Should you watch?  YES YES YES! 

Homeland Security USAAs a TV writer, I feel it's my duty to check out the new shows when I can.  So I did.

I'm not normally one for real life cop shows.  I hate watching people get in trouble, stupid as they are.  This one was fairly interesting though.  I'm not sure if it was interesting enough to push to the top of my Tivo list, but if you're a Cops or Dog the Bounty Hunter or anything like that fan...then you'll probably like this one.

I found it more interesting because of the little clues they look for when searching for security risks, like a woman traveling to the US with no American money. Why didn't I think of that?  I also found it fascinating to see the lengths people will go to in order to smuggle drugs and people across borders.  Like the one woman who laid underneath the front seat of a tiny pick up truck with an atleast 200 lb. man sitting in the drivers seat. Good grief.

Also interesting, how excited the officers get when they make a bust.  It truly is what they live for and they genuinely belive they've just made the world a better place when they find a few pounds of pot in someones spare tire, or a few kilos of coke.   Perhaps they have, I don't know.

Should you watch?  Hey, if this is your kind of show, then you'll love it.  But if something like "The Mentalist" is more your thing, you can skip it.

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We watched Mentalist and Leverage here, and I share your Simon Baker crush. What is it? The voice? The vest? The eye crinkles? Whatever, it works. I really liked the return to the RJ chase, but was slightly disappointed with the locked room mystery... well, except for who did it. That was a surprise to me, big time.

Leverage is really growing on me. I think the writers are really doing a good job of building the characters and coming up with ways that clients find them. I'm crazy about Parker. really all of them. Love Hutton and totally agree with last nights' director con. Loved the crazy hair and the attitude. Fun stuff!

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