'Trust Me' Pilot Preview

10Trust Me - "Before and After""Trust Me", the latest in original dramas for TNT, premiere's Monday, January 26th at 10pm eastern.

The gist of the "Pilot - Before and After": Rothman Greene & Mohr art director Mason McGuire (Eric McCormack) and copywriter Conner (Tom Cavanagh) are called back to Chicago from a business trip in LA in order to rush a new campaign.  The product is Arc Mobile cell phones and Stu Hoffman (Jason O'Mara), their tyranical boss, is determined to present a campaign that's quickly pushed aside by the competition within the agency.  Work gets complicated when there's an opening in the firm and Mason moves up, leaving Conner in the dust.  Meanwhile, new girl Sarah Krajicek-Hunter (Monica Potter), an award winning copywriter, is introduced but left hanging in the balance when the job she thought she'd have doesn't pan out.

The Good:
It's actually a pretty good pilot, as far as pilots go.  The introduction to the characters is smooth (though not flawless) and as a fan of "Mad Men", it's fun to watch a modern take on the advertising world. 

I appreciated the opening which made me think an ad was accidentally slipped into my screener. 

It's fun to watch Eric McCormack ("Will and Grace") on the small screen again, however I couldn't help but notice a bunch of Will-like mannerisms that bugged me a little. 

Best dialogue:

    Conner: You promise me you'll give up coffee?
    Mason: I have never been healthier.
    Conner: Promise.
    Mason: No.
    Conner: Promise.
    Mason: No.
    Conner: Promise.
    Mason: I'll do half-caf.
    Conner: Great, good, let's get to work. Let me just take a nap first.

The Not So Good:
Again as a "Mad Men" fan, this show just pales in comparison.  It's inevitable that the two shows will be compared since they're based on the same premise, just a different era. I found it's hard to watch the more modern, fast paced version of ourselves and longing to see an office with a full bar and cigarette smoke.

I know he can't do two shows, but I really wish Jason O'Mara ("Life on Mars") could have stuck around for more episodes (you'll see).

The connection between McCormack and Cavanagh isn't very strong.  They've apparently known and worked together for 7 years and clearly supposed to be acting like an old married couple, but I'm just not feeling it.  Can only hope that with time they'll settle more.   

Overall: Do not expect the smooth and incredible writing you might from...well..."Mad Men".  Let's face it, in order to survive next to that show, this one has got to be huge.  I'm not seeing huge, I'm seeing "meh".  However, it's definitely fun and I look forward to seeing if it gets any better.  It's got potential, but that's about it so far.

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