'True Beauty' Premieres Tonight - Who's Who

"True Beauty", which premiere's tonight at 10pm eastern on ABC, is the newest project of producers Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks. The show asks what true beauty really is and attempts to redefine the concept. 

The trick?  The contestants believe they're only being judged on their looks, but they're really being watched for their "inner beauty". 

Let's meet the contestants:
  • Ashely Michaelson is a 21 year old Designer's Assistant from Rochester, NY with a background in pageants and a desire to live the life of a socialite.  She says people didn't get along with her in High Schoo because she is so pretty.
  • Billy Jeffrey is a 31 year old Chippendale's dancer from Lewiston, ID who also happens to run a vitamin shop franchise.  He can't hold down a relationship and claims it's because women don't get his drive to achieve his personal goals.
  • Chelsea Bush is a 21 year old model from Brentwood, TX who also has a pageant background. She's a southern belle who appears sweet, but she claims to have a mean girl side. 
  • CJ Miller is a 26 year old barista from LA.  He claims to be very intelligent and charming and uses his looks to get the girl to pay the bill.  He also writes books on relationships for women, researching the subject personally. 
  • Hadiyyah-Iah Sa'id is a 23 year old receptionist/audio engineer from Minneapolis, MN.  She rates herself a 20 out of 10 and claims she can get along with everyone....even if it's fake.
  • Joel Rush is a 26 year old imaging software salesman from Tampa, FL.  He's a party guy who admits he married his wife because she's "as hot as me, so she can relate to what I go through."
  • Julia Anderson is a 23 year old magician's assistant from Dallas, TX.  A former pageant winner of Miss Teen Texas in 2002 and Miss Grapevine 2008, she admits to being a hypocrite at times and considers it to be a quality...not a weakness.
  • Laura Leigh is a 21 year old model from Staten Island, NY.  A self proclaimed "drama queen", she is totally obsessed with her appearance and says she'd sell out her best friend for a million bucks.
  • Monique Santiago is a 21 year old Go Go Dancer from NY, NY.  She's the dancer with a brain who reads National Geographic and Scientific America for fun.
  • Ray Seltz is a 29 year old artist from San Diego, CA.  When people tell Ray he's beautiful, he assumes they want something from him, so he can be a little harsh.  Money is very important to him...must be why he gave up his job as an engineer to be an artist? 
So, will you watch tonight's premiere?  I know I will.  I'd like to see what the show makes these "beauties" do.

Watch "True Beauty" tonight at 10pm eastern on ABC.


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