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CBS announced the 11 new teams for "The Amazing Race" which is set to premiere February 15th at 8pm.  There's definitely some interesting characters this year (and some predictable ones), but more important is executive producer and co-creator Bertram van Munster (really?) saying they plan to step it up a notch.

"Heading into our 14th season, I wanted to pull out all the stops," van Munster said in a press release. "We have extreme climates, intense roadblocks and less time in airports, which adds up to an exhausting course for the Racers."

Without further ado, here are your racers!

Amanda & KirsThe Young Couple
Amanda Blackledge (23) and Kris (24)
San Diego, CA
She's a student and he's a Sales Rep.

Blah blah blah, they hope the Amazing Race takes them on the next stage of their relationship.  Sorry, but I'm already bored.

Brad & Victoria.pngThe Older Married Couple
Brad Hunt (52) and Victoria Hunt (47)
Columbus, OH
He's a Distribution Dispatcher and she's a Tax Manager.

Interesting factoid: she was born with hip dysplasia and spent much of her childhood in hospitals, body casts and crutches.

Cara & JaimeThe Cheerleaders
Cara Rosenthal (26) and Jaime Edmondson (29)
Boca Raton, FL/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Cara's a Law Student and Jaime's a former Police Officer

I was surprised to learn they aren't sisters, or even twins.  Not much exciting about these gals though I imagine they'll do well in the least for awhile.

Christie & JodiThe Flight Attendants
Christie Volkmer (37) and Jodi Wincheski (40)
Choctaw, Okla/ Houston, TX

Okay, seriously, I hope these teams shape up to have more personality than their bios.  These two met on the job and surprise, sometimes their personalities clash. Ooooh.

Jennifer & PrestonThe Other Young Couple
Jennifer Hopka (26) and Preston McCamy (28)
Columbia, SC
She's a Student and he's a Software Engineer

This might be the lovey-dovey younger couple.  Y'know, because they appreciate eachother's differences and have only been dating for less than 2 years.

LaKisha & JenniferThe Sisters
Lakisha Hoffman (28) and Jennifer Hoffman (24)
Bronx, NY/ Louisville, KY
Lakisha is a Program Coordinator and Jennifer is a Marketing Assistant

They're both former Division 1 College athletes but apparently the comparison stops there.  They claim to have very little in common.  I hope that means drama!

Linda & SteveThe Other Married Couple
Linda Cole (52) and Steve Cole (43)
Martinsville, VA
She's a Customer Service Supervisor and he's a Carpenter

These two have been married for 17 years and met when Linda snagged Steve away from his date at a party.  I have a sneaking suspicion these two will be faves of mine.

Margie & LukeThe Mother and Son
Margie Adams (50) and Luke Adams (22)
Denver, CO
She's a Clinical Research Assistant and he's a College Grad.

Interesting fact: Luke is deaf and has been since birth.  These two do everything together including hiking and traveling. 

Mark & MichaelThe Stuntmen (and Brothers)
Mark Munoz (48) and Michael Munox (51)
Los Angeles, CA / Maui, Hawaii
Both are actors and stuntmen.

Now this is the team I was looking for!  Not only are they stuntmen, but they both stand at 4' 9".  Both are fathers as well.  I can't wait to see what their stunt experience adds to the race.

Jih & VictorThe Sibling Lawyers
Tammy Jih (26) and Victor Jih (35)
San Francisco, CA/ Los Angeles, CA

Both have Harvard Law degrees and if I was any other team, I'd be insanely intimidated.  Clearly these two will have the brains to outwit their competitors.

Mel & Mike.The Father and Famous Son
Mel White (68) and Mike White (38)
Lynchburg, VA / Santa Monica, CA
Mel's a Writer/Clergyman and Mike's a Writer/Producer/Actor

These two are oozing with interesting.  They had a typical family until Mel came out of the closet when Mike was 11.  Also, Mike wrote "Nacho Libre" and "School of Rock". 

So, upon first glance, who do you think will win?  My votes for the stuntmen!

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