Survivor: Gabon Finale!

Hey, I won't spoil the 'Survivor' winner for you before the jump because I know there are some people who haven't watched yet and are desperately trying to avoid the news.  If you have seen it, check out my thoughts and a few snippets from Jeff Probst's awesome finale blog! 
And the winner is:

Bob Crowley on CBS's Survivor: Gabon

I couldn't be happier!  Never in a million years would I have guessed at the beginning of the season that Bob would actually take it all.  And I mean literally ALL since he not only won the jury vote but the audience favorite as well.  I knew I would like him, but tried not to get too attached since the youngins tend to off the old folks before they get a chance to prove themselves. 

Then he started to win the challenges.  Win and win and win, 5 times in a row, reward and immunity, and I knew I couldn't hold back any more.  I was a full blown Bob fan and would be sorely dissappointed if he didn't get a chance in the final three.

That brings us to when Suzie came out of NOWHERE and took that final immunity.  My heart sank.  I figured it was over.  Of course I should have known my second favorite, Sugar, would come to the rescue and give Bob the chance he so deserved.  How about that tie breaker?  Were you holding your breath too...or even blowing the fire with Bob?

IMO, it was one of the best finales I have seen.  The suspense was great and the live show was even a blast to watch, thanks in part to resident bad guys Corinne and Randy. 

So if you haven't seen it yet,  Jeff wrote a blog all season and it's really fantastic.  Candid and hilarious, he has an extremely unique insider's take on the show.  His final blog of the season is excellent.  Check out a snippet:

Bob wins!! I'm happy. I really think he deserved it. I love that he's 57 and our oldest winner -- we need more people over 50 playing this game. I was a bit annoyed with Bob about one thing...during the show Bob was so long winded, always ready with another story about this or that. We get to the live reunion show and he's suddenly the shy girl in the corner with braces and a ponytail, who doesn't want to be there. Bob, you made it tough, but I'm still happy for you.
If Susie had won I don't know what I would have said or how I would have justified such a decision by the jury. Yes, Susie did a good job making it far enough to put her in a position to have a shot at the money. But to get three votes and nearly get a fourth vote from Randy really surprised me.

Read the rest of it here.

So what did you think of last night's season finale of "Survivor"?  Was it everything you hoped for or were you rooting for someone else?

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Bravo for Bob!

Thanks for hiding the results after the jump. We didn't watch the finale until tonight and I was avoiding getting spoiled. I was SHOCKED when Susie won the house of cards thing, I was positive that it would be a snap for Bob. Then when Sugar once again found a way to save him (who better to win at the making fire tie breaker?) I was giddy.

I was surprised that Susie got so many votes at the end and that Sugar got none. I haven't watched the reunion show yet, so maybe there's an explanation there.

Kenny is so annoying about the immunity deal. I don't understand why he can't see how idiotic he sounds about it.

Thanks for the link & quote from Dimples' blog. I forgot all about it this season.

It's impressive that this show has stayed fun for so long. Great end to this season!

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