The Riches Gets Ditched

Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard of The RichesLeft hanging in the balance for the last few months, FX has finally made a decision for The Riches and the verdict is: Canceled. 

The show almost aired 2 full seasons when the second was cut short after 7 episodes due to writer's strike.  Unfortunately it's another victim of plummeting ratings and the network feels it just can't get viewers back after last years slow down.

Also, incase you missed it, FX's other dark drama Dirt was canceled as well.

I am sad to see both of these refreshingly original shows go.  I'm hoping one day they'll be resurrected.


I'm very sad to see Eddie go. I never saw Dirt, but have been a fan of The Riches since the first episode. I'm afraid that Sarah Connor Chronicles will suffer the same fate.

I wonder how long it will take the execs to figure out a way to add in all the TiVo and online watchers to traditional ratings.

You know I wonder that all the time. Surely they have the technology available to add in our tivo watching. I feel guitly for being a tivo-er sometimes but it's the only way I can actually watch anything. It's that or *shiver* VHS.

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