What I Watched. Should you? House and Fringe

HouseLast night's patient was...oh who cares.  House's father died and we got to see him get all.....emotional.  Eeeew!  Ok, and a little aaaaw.  Of course, he didn't want to go to dear ol' dad's funeral.  He hated the man and appears to blame him for his sour disposition but leave it to Cuddy and Wilson to trick him into going anyway.

That's right, I said Wilson.  He's back!  I've gathered some of you may be disappointed by his return but I just don't agree.  I love the relationship between them.  The definition of opposites attract. 

However, there was a lot more to this episode than Wilson's return, we also go to hear some good back story.  Like how Wilson and House became friends in the first place (a bar fight at a medical convention) and how House's father isn't really his father and the good Dr. discovered this when he was only 12.  Who knew men's toes took after their dads?  I gotta Google that one.

After the entire ordeal (a road trip, an arrest, House snipping DNA with nail clippers off his dead dad's ear, Wilson throwing a bottle of liquor through the church window), Wilson finally realizes that House completes him and all is back to normal.

Should you watch?  Yes.  This episode was fun, enlightening and oddly enough, a little heart warming.

FringeYay!  Fringe is back!  Can I just skip straight to the should you watch part?  Because you just should.  Tonight's freak, a guy who can manipulate electricity but isn't aware of his powers and therefore accidentally kills a few people.  Oops!

Also, we got to see more of John Scott and why Olivia keeps seeing him.  Dr. Bishop explains that when she was in the sensory deprivation chamber chasing down John's subconscious (episode 1), a little piece of him got stuck in her brain and this is just her way of expelling him.

Best part?  Pacey, I mean Peter, smacking a guy in the face with a crowbar.  Also, Dr. Bishop's fantastic ability to add the comic relief.  This week, trying to remember everyone's name. 

Should you watch?  See above.

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I haven't seen either show yet, so now I am now slightly spoiled. That's OK though, I was feeling hesitant about Fringe, not sure if it's going to go the distance. Glad to hear it's a good episode.

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