What I Watched. Should you? Gossip Girl and Heroes Recaps

These recaps contain spoilers
Gossip GirlIt's fall in Manhattan and what does that mean for high school seniors?  College visits, deans to kiss up to (literally B!) and secret societies to own of course.  All in a days work for these upper East Siders.  Last night's episode was chock full of Gossip Girl goodness as we got to watch Blaire and Serena duke it out collegiate style, Nate and Dan have a case of 'Vice Versa' and Chuck showing the boys in Skull & Bones who's boss as only Chuck Bass can.

So B and S had a cat fight on the Dean's front porch with hair pulling, name calling, dress ripping, the whole nine.  Turns out that's just what the queen bee's needed to finally bury the hatchet and rejoin forces.  No little Ivy League school is going to come between them!  Of course, none of this happened before they took some seriously evil blows at eachother.

Nate finds out he's the BMOC but not in a good way.  Turns out his dad's little money scheme stripped a few coeds of their trust funds and naturally they assume like father, like son.  But poor Dan Humphrey, always in the wrong place at the wrong time, is set up by Mr. Bass himself when Skull and Bones tell him they want Nate's head on a platter. Chuck hoodwinks the society boys into thinking Dan is Nate while the real Nate sits safely in a bar down the street.  But it doesn't take long for N to figure out what's going on.  Poor Chuck, always with the best of intentions, gets left without a BFF has Nate and Dan bond over the whole experience. 

Don't worry though, Chuck still got his way when he sent some ladies inside the society and get them to document the little...soiree.  Blackmail much?  And I quote, "Now I own you."

Meanwhile, little Jenny is still trying to convince daddy Rufus that it's the fashion design and homeschooling life for her!  After a long inner battle and seeing his true love Lily in a slinky dress that just so happens to be one of daughter's designs, Rufus finally gives in. 

Should you watch? OMFG, you aren't already?

HeroesOh Heroes.  First let me tell you that I was glad to discover I wasn't the only one that's been disappointed this season. I thought I might be losing my mind.  In fact, for the last couple of weeks the reviews have been pitiful.  What's happened?  Did the writer's strike take a bigger toll than we thought?

Well, relax, last night was a little bit better. I try desperately to give you a break every week and tell myself you're just using simple comic book cliches because you can.   Also, I kinda dig the sweeter side of Silar and I love the new characters you've introduced.  However, there's one thing I just won't stand for.....


For the rest of the episode, all I could think was "What really happened? Surely Hiro stopped time and this is all a big scam!"  But you gave me nothing and until you right this wrong, I have nothing further to say to you.

Should you watch?  Whatever.  Do what you want.  Hmph.

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Haven't watched Heroes yet, even though there was time for it last night. Just couldn't get in the mood. Now I'm wondering if I should bother. I just can't imagine that Ando will stay dead (that's assuming you saw him be dead). I'm sure I'll watch but am really not psyched about this season. C'mon, Tim!

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