What's Brewin' in TV: Passions Stars Get a new Gig and more!

  • There are rumors out and about on who the next Celebrity Apprentice cast will consist of but my favorite is about Heather Mills being fired before production even started.  Rumor has it she put a clause in her contract that would guarantee her a spot in the finals.  "The network was originally very keen on getting her involved," an NBC source told The Sun.  "They thought it would be a clever move, attracting lots of publicity for the show.  But her demands were ludicrous and it soon became clear that getting her involved would be a headache."  source


  • Tina Fey is planning a return to SNL this weekend but that's not the big news.  Turns out Sarah Palin herself might just be making an appearance on the show, most likely side by side with Tina as she impersonates the Alaskan governor.  Rumor has it, Palin's team has already been inside the studio to do a security sweep.  You know, cause she's kind of a big deal.  source
News Worthy...ous!
  • Hey Passions fans!  Looks like Salem is about to get a couple new residients!  Word is Eric Martsolf (Ethan on Passions) and Galen Gering (Luis) will be joining the cast of Days of Our Lives.  It seems Eric is up to play the new Brady Black and Galen will be starting an all new role as an FBI Agent who heads to Salem on a special case. source


I love him on Passions and think he's awesome so far on Days! Glaen rocks!

I have been watching Days of Our Lives since 1990 when my friend, Barry Watson played Barry on it. I know most of what has happened of then and now, if ya want, try to ask me some thing Ill attempt to answer, :)

I enjoy answering people`s questions about the show. I know a great deal about the characters also as the real life of the stars.

Cocaine is said to be Nature's way of telling you that you've too a lot cash; television is Nature's way of telling you that you have too much empty time on your hands.

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