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Big Brother 10 is nearing the end and last night was a particularly stressful episode for me to watch.  I'm a huge Dan fan and want him to win desperately but after Jerry gave us a shock a couple of weeks ago by winning HOH, I couldn't help but cross my fingers as we watched the final competition take place last night.   Of course, if you saw it, then you know I no longer have anything worry about and in the end, the Renegades succeeded.  Final 2, Memphis and Dan, having nothing left to do but sit around and wait for their winnings. 

I look forward to Sunday's recap episode more than I usually do.  This season there was a lot of drama and therefore not a whole lot of room for airing some of the sillier moments the HGs had in the house.  Should be a fun "what you missed" episode.  Then of course Tuesday is the finale where we get to watch the final 2 squirm while the Jury questions them for their actions inside the house.

My opinion? Dan's got it in the bag!
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Burn Notice "Double Booked", the second to last episode of an awesome season.  We get to meet Michael's old (and supposed to be dead) buddy, Larry, played by Tim Matheson who also directed the episode.  You may remember him from Animal House.  Of course, as most old buddies on BN go, he was not welcome.  Offering up a hit job on an innocent victim, Michael turns the tables and attempts to save her instead. 

What made this episode so special?  I do believe it's the first time we've ever seen Donovan's character a little...freaked out.  Matheson played the role fantastically but it was even better when we got to see a normally cool headed character start to lose his grip a little.

Should you watch it? Hell yes.

Tabatha's Salon Takeover, or as I like to call it, female Chef Gordon Ramsey does salons.  I LOVE this show.  I should also point out that I loved her in last season's Sheer Genius as well.  This time we get to watch her update one of those hole in the wall salons you find in a strip mall.  Definitely not what we're used to seeing and 10 times more fun than one of them there fancy places.  And unlike most most episodes, even though Tabatha gave them all the tools needed, this one managed to go back to their pre-Bravo makeover ways with no improvement.  Word to the wise...do NOT get your hair cut at Images in Oyster Bay, NY. 

Top Design was my catch up watch for the night.  Wednesday night is jam packed these day so I tend to get a lot of run over.  So after last weeks 'meh' season premiere, I wasn't too stoked about flipping this one on, but boy was I pleasantly surprised.  This week the designers had to pair up and design bomb shelters as if they had to live in them for the rest of their lives.  Naturally, most of them forget to be realistic and left no room for food or silverware, but a few of them did a slammin' good job.  In fact, I knew they were good when I found myself saying, "I want to live in a fallout shelter toooooo!"

The losers, Jennifer and Robert, went home for splitting the room in two to create their own, non-coehsive spaces.  That was a bad mistake all on it's own but the worst of it?  They didn't even design their seperated spaces well.  One side looked like the waiting area in a ladies room and the other like it came right out of the dollar store (IMO).  Thankfully both designers were sent packing and we won't have to endure their shoddy skills or attitudes again.

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Of course, I saw Burn Notice. Skip out on Bruce/Sam? Not a chance. I hadn't thought about it at the time (something was distracting me ;) but you're right, it was the first time we saw Michael caught off guard. So, is Larry connected to Carla somehow?

Haven't seen Top Design yet, I seem to catch the Bravo shows on reruns most of the time. Looking forward to the bomb shelters.

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