What I Watched Last Night: Should You?

ANTMMAKEOVER NIGHT!  This is hands down my favorite ANTM episode to look forward to every season.  I love seeing who's going to cry about their new looks and imagine my surprise when it turned out to be tough gal Elina when they did an ANTM first and gave her a full head of curly hair.  Actually, this episode left me questioning how I feel about her all around.  I know we need a little more back story but I sided with Brittany in the whole 'Elina hates her Mom' debate.  But hey, what's that got to do with modeling?

The shoot this week, although dull (swimsuits), produced some beautiful photos.  The winner? *Shock* Elina, the gal who's finally come to terms with her emotions over a head of fake hair..  Guess a little tears will get you a long way.  Who got her walking papers?  Why Brittany of course, the just too pretty, "looks like a professional footballers wife" from Henderson, NV.  However, I have to point out that my personal favorites of the night were McKey, Lauren and Marjorie.  Absolutely stunning women and photos this week.  Good job gals!

Should you watch? Frankly, if you missed it, don't bother.  The makeover session felt shorter than usual and the shoot itself was rather dull.  Wait til next week when we get to see Miss J teach them to walk the runway....in a bowling alley.

Project RunwayDown to the final 6 and dying to know who made it to Bryant Park as I'm desperately trying not to be spoiled.  This weeks challenge?  Newly graduated from college soon to be professional women and their moms take the runway.  The designers need to come up with an outfit that will ease them into the transition and get them ready for the work force.  Naturally this isn't easy with needy moms looking over their shoulders. However, the designers still managed to find a way around the pressure and stick to their personal styles, and for 2 of them, this mean seeing their true colors.

Suede and Joe came up with two of the most laughable ensembles I think we've seen yet.  Suede appeared to be stuck in the early 90s when he built a coat that had *gasp* bell sleeves.  The dress underneath was pretty hideous as well but I just couldn't get passed those damn sleeves.  And poor Joe appeared to have gotten his inspiration from "Working Girl" (as Michael Kors so hilariously pointed out) with a pinstripe skirt suit, complete with POCKET SQUARE!  That square was enough to give ol' Joe the boot and the Suede survived one more round of humiliation. 

Should you watch?
  Oh heck yeah.  The theme was fun and the winning look by Jarrell is worth seeing.  However, the humor was amped a notch this week too with things like pocket squares and bell sleeves for the other designers to make fun of.  Also, if you love to hate Kenley, well you've got plenty to loathe this week and if the preview was any indication, next week as well.

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