What I Watched Last Night: Should you?

HouseAnother day, another not lupus diagnosis...oh wait, it was cancer this time.  Either way, another fantastic episode of House.  The opening was really brilliant and somewhat confusing at first as we watched multiple people collapse in the middle of their every day lives.  Turns out they all had the same organ donor and the case was to save the last gal standing with a cornea transplant. 

But that's not the fun part.  The fun part was meeting the new character Lucas that appears to be Wilson's replacement and his House's..you guessed it...private investigator.  I absolutely love the relationship that is quickly forming between the two characters.  It also helps that the actor's name is Michael Weston, just like my favorite spy on Burn Notice.

Should you watch?
Yes yes yes.  House's character is growing just when you thought he couldn't get any deeper.  I swear, he almost cried last night folks.  Seriously.  Plus the cases seem to be getting more intricate which is a major bonus for a show that could easily get over done. 

The ShieldIf you have never seen this show, good luck catching up.  Hell, even if you've seen every episode like I have...good luck catching up.  Last night's show was no exception as Vic and co. moved along at break neck speed, covering their asses as one wrench after another was thrown into the works. 

That's the best part though, watching Vic Mackey thwart the plans of the Armenian and Mexican gangs, being partially responsible for a head honcho's assassination, protecting his family, keeping his badge and staying under cover all in a one hour episode and coming out unharmed.

Should you watch?  You mean you haven't already?  What are you waiting for?

FringeMy new favorite show is just getting better with every story line.  The characters are getting comfortable in their skin and the stories are driving us deeper into the base plot, but not so much so that it's confusing. 

In the episodes so far, we've covered that things aren't as they seem (John Scott and fringe science in general), Massive Dynamic is freakin' massive and can be tied to all the events that have occured so far, people can age 90 years in a day and in last night's episode we found out about the Ghost Network.  The Ghost Network is basically a scientific form of ESP.  A person's body can act like a sort of transmitter for other people's coversations that are linked into the network after implanting something or other in their brain.  Sorry, I'm not so hot on the something or others. 

We also learned last night that my favorite character, Dr. Walter Bishop can seemingly have some extremely lucid moments which makes his character all the more mysterious.  One moment he's cracking us up with his incoherant babbling and the next he's frighteningly aware that we are of what's going on around him.

Should you watch? Yes, this is the kind of show that does what it's supposed to. Immerses you in a fantastical story inside a realistic setting, getting you to think, dream and most importantly just be flat out entertained.  Watch it.

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