What I Watched Last Night: Should You?

Gossip GirlThe first day of school and finally everything is getting back to normal, and of course by normal I mean the air is thick with scandal and deceit.  What did we learn in last night's episode?  Don't sleep with your step mother, don't break a rich girl's heart, and don't meddle in the affairs of the rich especially if you're just a gal from Brooklyn who's never played their reindeer games before.

The highlights of last night's episode?  Little Jenny being threatened by Blair and Serena's minions,  said minions dumping a Nairtini on Dan's new date so her hair falls out, finding out Dan's new date was just a little ploy good ol' Chuck put together to cause the drama, B finding out her Lord was sleeping with the enemy (Duchess) all this time and Vanessa screwing up the entire blackmail situation to free Nate from the Duchess's clutches.  Turns out Mr. Goodie Two Shoes would have just preferred she tell him the truth.  Yeah right.

But the best part of the episode?  The Queen bee Serena Van Der Woodsen making a triumphant return and reclaiming her throne as the ultimate mean girl.  You told her to own it, Dan Humphrey, now you're really going to get what you asked for. You thought it was nasty now, just WAIT for next week.

Should you watch it?  Listen, I know it's hard to take in and every part of you is probably saying "No, I just can't watch this."   Just do it.  It's the funniest, most scandalous and delicious show I've seen in a long time.  Soap operas ain't got nothin' on these upper East Siders. 

Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesSomeone needs to slap John Connor upside the head and tell him to listen to his mother.  This teenage rebellion thing is getting out of control and if he screws up, it's not just a slap on the wrist.  Oh no, it's a freakin' robot from the future chasing after him on the pier.  P.S. Running to the bottom of the pier where there are dead ends, not the best way to win a chase.  Gimme a break kid.

Don't be confused by my snark.  This episode was fantastic.  We got rid of an unnecessary character (Charley's wife was just draggin' them all down) and a good long look at Cromartie, the T-1something that will quite literally stop at nothing to kill JC.  (That's John Connor, btw). 

If there's one thing I like to yell at the small screen when this show is on, it's "More robots please!".  I love watching Summer Glau (Cameron) play with her metal character.  It's so fun to watch her slip from pretending to be a real person into full on terminator mode, particularly as she marched down the pier in search of JC last night. 

Oh and Brian Austin Green, all has been forgiven.  He is really finding his way around this character and I find I no longer see him as the wishy-washy David Silver from the 90210 days. 

Should you watch? 
Well if you haven't already, you're really missing out.  This episode, and the show as a whole, is brilliant.  If you can get passed wanting to slap young JC in the face for being so childish, you'll see the show for what it really is, an epic battle with hints of reality mixed with fantasy, making it all the more frightening and breath taking to view.

Worst WeekWorst Week had it's series premiere last night and from the start of the show I was a little worried.  You see, when I saw the movie Meet the Parents, it totally stressed me out, and I thought this new sitcom was going to end up just like that.

I was sort of wrong.  This show is funny, surprising and I can never have enough Kurtwood Smith (Red from That 70s Show).  The trouble character Sam Briggs gets himself into is surprising and hilarious and sometimes he even manages to get himself out of the jam (unlike Meet the Parents).  Did you actually see the relieving himself in mom's goose coming?  I didn't.  I only wonder how long it is before this show becomes predictable.

Should you watch?
  Sure, why not.  If you're looking for a little light-hearted humor and the rest of CBS's sitcoms just aren't doing it for you, this one is worth giving a shot.  The cast is fun, the script is well written and the hijinx are well thought out.  But don't go missing Heroes for this 30 minute giggle.

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