What I watched Last Night: Should you?

burn notice.pngLast night's finale of Burn Notice was more than I hoped for and also left me shaking my fist at the air in mock anger.  "To Be Continued"?  Really?  That's just meeeeean.  

I wondered if there would be any side cases last night because I knew there'd have to be a lot of Carla investigation going on, but the writers managed to squeeze one in anyway.  It was a jam packed and still solid episode.  I'd like to tell you all about what happened but instead I'd rather encourage you to check it out.  This is a great series that deserves some serious kudos. 

Should you watch it?  Haven't you been paying attention? YES you should watch it.  Go now!

Tabatha's Salone TakeoverWell it wasn't another strip mall salon but no worries, this time we got to watch Tabatha whip some young sorority-like girls into shape and put in their place.  The salon owner was diagnosed with MS and had to leave his business to his daughters.  Naturally they shirked their duties and ran the place like a daily sleep over party. 

I thought I would despise the young owners throughout, especially watching them bad mouth Tabitha when it was just them and the camera but fear her when in her presence.  Not so tough now eh?  However, when they proved to be talented hair dressers and started listening to the advice they were given, I decided maybe they weren't so bad after all.

Should you watch?  Yeah!  It's not a show you just can't miss but if you're looking for some light T.V. on a Thursday night or you just like to watch people squirm, this is perfect for you.

Kitchen NightmaresAnother week, another restaurant to save and this time it was Italian eatery, Guiseppe's.  Another family joint with father and son sharing the kitchen duties.  These are typically good episodes as we know family's tend to need a little more work in a business setting.  The problem here?  Dad just can't let go and the son just needs a hug.

Seriously, if I had to watch another minute of the son's whining about how he didn't receive enough love from daddy dearest when he was growing up, I might have turned it off.  Someone's been watching too much TV psychology and needs to grow a pair.  Sorry buddy.

Should you watch? 
As much as I love Chef Gordon and will endure so long as there's an hour of him on TV, this might be a skipable episode.  Maybe I was just tired but it felt dull and definitely done.  I look forward to next weeks 2 hour special where he takes on a particularly ornery NYC owner. 

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We were shaking fists right along with you at the end on Burn Notice. The good news is that this year they will be back for the winter. Think how nice Miami will look when we are buried under snow.

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