The Shield - Mackey's Back!

vic.pngIt's finally here! The new and last season of The Shield premiered last night on FX with guns blazing. 

We find everyone right where we left off, the evening of last seasons finale, and don't blink because they're not waiting for you to play catch up.

Shane is still trying to juggle his debts to the Armenian mob and loyalty to Vic.  Thankfully, as I have been waxing nostalgic for the good ol' days of Strike Team, it seems Shane will be back to playing a larger role in Vic's life again.  Even if it's just Mackey keeping his enemies closer. 

As if he doesn't have enough on his plate, Vic is still handling a blackmail deal with ex-captain turned mayoral candidate, David Aceveda.  This is the tie that will hopefully let Mackey keep that badge on for 13 episodes.

Oh, and we have a new member of IA hanging around the Barn now.  However this time it appears she's actually after something other than Vic.  This oughta be interesting.

It's not all Armenian gangs, lopped off appendages and blood soaked streets though.  Billings makes a hilarious return after his accident to help good ol' Dutch on an old case and we get to watch Claudette et al put him in his place.  Par for the course, he pretty much does it himself.

There's no doubt in my mind that this will be the finale to beat all finales.  The pace is clearly not about to slow down so we can have a quiet moment to say goodbye to Vic.  Be ready for it because I have a feeling it's going to throw us a one-two punch.

So what did you think?


I was swept off my feet. When we noticed the show was half over, we were shocked. It moved so fast, we barely kept up and may watch again.I really wish we had watched the end of last season before, we were trying to remember some stuff mid episode.

Did you see the season previews? There will be no lulls, thats for sure. I'm glad Caludette's illness will be part of her story line. They really just tossed it in and then let it go last year.

I'm going to look for some recaps of last season for reminders.

I'm feeling fragmented about it but then, I have a major headache. Not sure what it is... maybe I'm spread a little thin at work.

Yeah. That's it.

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