Spotted: Nate in the Library with the Lead Pipe

nate.pngIn the words of Blair Waldorf, "Oh my effing God!"  These upper east-siders are back in Manhattan and gearing up for a promising, drama filled school year. Gossip Girl returned last night with a new episode and after last weeks summer recap, it was a refreshing cup of scandal.

The episode started off slow, but I suppose they had to wrap up the Hamptons some how.  Just leave it to Chuck to liven things up a little when he invites B's new flame, Lord Marcus, to a game of squash.  Naturally the new pals chit chat and Chuck learns a little about the Lord's evil step-mother and her dislike for any gal pals M'Lord brings home.  What does that mean?  Why, secretly invite the Duchess to Blair's last minute party of course! Oh Chuck, you're such a "Basshole".

Not so fast though, what about Serena and Dan? Didn't we leave them on a deserted Hampton's beach?  Well now it's time for the walk of shame after their romp in the sand, but not before they question their own motives.  I ask you, when have we ever known a pair of teenagers to forgo their carnal desires for a bit of "thinking".  Either times have changed or the GG writers have gotten into Mr. Archibald's stash.  

Speaking of Mr. Archibald, a new story line is brewing as we learn he's left his family with nothing but the clothes on their backs and we all know those will go out of style in a New York minute.  Salvation Army, anyone?  Nah, not as long as Nate can strip himself of his pride.  Which he did, on the floor of the library with the Duchess. 

Yes, the very Duchess who happens to be the step-mother of Lord Marcus, who just so happens to be dating Nate's ex, Blair, who just happened to walk in on them at the right time.  What, you thought Nate's cougar was a nobody?

Oh and rock 'n' roll dad, Rufus Humphrey, has returned to Brooklyn after his big tour. 

Who cares?

So at the end of the episode (deeeep breath), Serena and Dan have finally stopped thinking and started messing around again, Blair has discovered the sordid love affair between Nate and the Duchess, which naturally gives her the upper hand and allows her to continue to date the Lord freely while Chuck waits in the wings muttering "tomorrow's another day". 

Meanwhile, the Duchess has agreed to help Nate out with his financial problems and it is hinted that he will now be repaying her as a love slave which is clearly going to send his could-be relationship with Vanessa on a one way trip to dramaville, and in Brooklyn, Rufus is having dinner with his kids. 

How precious.

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Great re-cap, I laughed all the way through and I don't even watch the show. This makes me want to add it to my schedule. Hilarious! Is it really this much fun to watch?

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