Heroes (and Villains) - Season Premiere Recap

HeroesFinally! The season premiere we've all been waiting for, Heroes has returned to NBC and wow they didn't wait for us to catch up.  Oh, wait, they did with an hour long recap at 8.   Did anyone watch that?  Let me know how it was because I was too busy watching new material.

I'm thrilled to be seeing the new Villain angle of this season. Sure they were always there but I'm loving the spotlight on favorites like Silar and Elle.  Of course I'm kind of a huge Kristen Bell fan and since Veronica was sadly taken from us, I'll take her anyway I can get her...even as Gossip Girl.  But I digress. 

Best moments in the show?  Watching Claire writhe on the table while Silar poked around in her brain and finding out she's even more invincible than we thought.  However this leads to the most obnoxious part of the show that is Claire's unending emo-tude.  I'm really over it.  You are what you are and what you are is freakin' awesome so get over it already.

Another great moment, Mohinder finally getting a super power.  You can only play the kinda-evil genius with a heart of gold for so long. I'm loving this super strength and who knew Sendhil had such a slammin' physique? However I can already tell I'm not going to enjoy the relationship between him and Maya, another character who really needs to get a grip.

My favorite character Hiro is back in action too as he's been given a simple task, to watch over a tiny little piece of paper.  Ever the Jester of the show, he loses it to a new (and awesome) character, Daphne.  She's a speedster with a serious case of sticky fingers and when Hiro tracks her down in her Paris apartment, it's full of stolen knick-knacks, including the Mona Lisa. This is a relationship I can not wait to see more of. 

The biggest hype in last night's story?  Peter Petrelli has gained a new super power and it's called mucking up everything you touch.  The story opened with him and what appeared to be evil Claire in a show down and then a big fast forward (or in his case, a rewind to the past) of him shooting his brother Nathan in a very public venue.  This, of course, sets off a butterfly effect (hence the title of the episode) and the entire future changes.

We also learn Peter has the ability to morph now as he takes on the shape of his former scarless self and hides the current version of him in a Level 5 villain's body.  Not following? Don't worry, neither did we until mama Petrelli showed up halfway through to ask him where in-the-now Peter was and also let slip her super power... just like that.

I mean all this waiting and that's it?  They just blurt it out as if it's no big deal?  Did I forget that they already told us she could see the future last season or was it really as abrupt as it felt last night? 

Oh well, she can see the future.  There you go.  Power solved.

So, the moment I waited for all night, Level 5 in The Company's warehouse where the baddest of the bad guys are housed to keep the public safe.  Here we learn that Peter is stuck inside a Stone Cold Steve Austin looking fella who has the power to manipulate sound. Well, they didn't really tell us that, we just caught a glimpse of it in his files earlier in the show. 

Par for the course, Silar busts in to The Company's Primatech Paper Co. Building and off's Elle's dear old dad (I guess that first step really was a doozie), cluing her in to the break in.  Naturally she heads straight for Noah Bennet who is currently locked up in Level 5 as well. 

Yada yada yada, Silar tries to kill Elle who does her thing by freaking the hell out, therefore shocking Silar into submission and turning out the lights on Level 5 which naturally frees all those crazy bad guys.

I could go on for days, the bottom line is this show is so very worth watching.  Sure there were some bumpy plot clean up moments and a few characters could use a cold hard slap in the face, but this is an epic battle.  It should be commended for being as tight as it is and giving us enough information to keep us in the know.       

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