HBO New Series "Americatown" - Scary cause it's true?

HBO is developing a new futuristic series called Americatown and frankly, it sounds pretty fascinating.

Taking a cue from the economy's current state of duress, the show answers the question "What if the current financial crisis in the U.S. becomes so severe that Americans start to flee the country?" 

The answer here is "Americatown", a "Chinatown-like enclave of U.S. immigrants in cities around the world."  Set 25-40 years in the future, the show focuses on what might happen if the decline of the U.S. becomes so severe that it leads to Americans leaving the country in droves, moving to a large foreign city to start new lives. 

The project has actually been in the works for more than a decade but originally focused on immigration in general.  Writer Brad Winters and producer Tom Fontana let it sit on the back burner for awhile to fine tune the idea.  Americatown was born at the dinner table and from there, Winters came up with some wild and crazy ideas that might lead Americans' to mass exodus.  You know, like sky rocketing oil prices, natural disaster and stock market crashes.

So now the timing is just right and the project is currently under development.  I for one will be renewing my HBO subscription when this assumingly epic series begins. 

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Very interesting concept, so much so I wonder why it hasn't been done before. I wonder who is developing it, if it's someone on David Simon's level (is there anyone?) it could be incredible. Scary, but hey, I'm already sort of scared, so what the heck.

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