Gossip Girl Season Premiere

Chuck and BFinally the newest episode of that show I'm still trying to figure out why I love so much, Gossip Girl, premiered last night.  And by new episode I mean summer recap.

I do have to say, it was refreshing for a show to stop pretending the summer didn't exist and remind us that 3 months is a long time, stuff happens.  Rather than picking up right where we left off, we were thrown into an hour long essay on "How I Spent My Summer as an Upper East Sider."

So what did go on?  Oh you know, the usual.  Serena seen hanging out in the Hamptons, lamenting over her lost love, Dan Humphrey (who I like to refer to as Dawson.  Remember how we used to tease the Dawson kids for their 'grown up' talk?).  But where was Dan?  Why, gettin' it on with the intellectual, not as rich as Serena but still ridiculously well dressed ladies of course...? 

Meanwhile, Nate Archibald, ex of Blair (aka 'B') is getting it on with an older, married woman. Yawn.  Quite possibly the most boring character in the bunch.  His father's drug and legal problems were the best part of him last season, now what?  He get's a Cougar.  Super.

How about little Jenny Humphrey?  She was in quite the pickle last time we saw her.  Grounded for life much?  Well now she's interning with an evil high fashion designer that doesn't even know her name!  But Jenny's using her resourceful ways for good instead of evil this time.  She and her pal, Eric van der Woodsen (whom she quickly made up with after last season's quarrel) devised a sneaky plan to get her into the Hamptons White Party and show off her wares (a matronly lace dress?).  As luck would have it, uber socialite Tinsely Mortimer shows up just in time to compliment Jenny on her dress as the evil fashion designer she works for stands by and gets the snub. Ouch!

But none of this really matters.  No, not with our favorite pair, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, hanging in the balance.  Remember how Chuck so cruelly left B waiting in Tuscany all by her lonesome?  But how could we hold it against him, he's Chuck Bass.

So while Chuck is off galavanting around the Hamptons, with topless women and Serena giving him the evil eye, B is gathering herself in Europe devising a plan to make Chuck squirm. Oh and squirm he does when she shows up with handsome Princeton grad (or was it Georgetown?) James, just to make him jealous.  Naturally Chuck becomes suspicious when he discovers James has lied about his educational background and immediately gets to sleuthing.

So who is James?  A lowly, impoverished Brooklynite?  Not a chance Chuck! Turns out this guy was hiding his fancy British accent all along and is in fact, a Lord. 

Oh lord indeed!

Fast forward, B says she'll reconsider if Chuck says those "3 words, 8 letters" but we all know that's like asking him to slap on the latest k-mart fashion and he fails miserably, left standing alone to ponder his Chuck Bassness with a glass of bourbon.

Oh, and yeah, Dan and Serena got back together.

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