Gossip Girl - When the Lights Go Down

jenny.pngWhat's Gossip Girl without a little heat?  Well this time they're pouring it on thick with a Manhattan heat wave and some wardrobe assistants who get a little spray bottle happy.  I know these upper East-Siders aren't immune to sweat but I'm fairly certain they'd rather die before being seen in public looking like a slippery eel.  They'll take their fish in sushi form, please.

So how better to conquer this vicious NYC summer?  Sex, scandal and blackouts of course!

Serena and Dan are still consummating their relationship every chance they get but they just feel so bad about not telling their friends of their newly rekindled love.  Solution?  Turning Blaire's senior year soirĂ©e into their coming out party!  I mean, they are kind of a big deal.  Too bad the blackout brings their nasty, post summer demons back out to play.

Meanwhile, Jenny is still toiling away in the fashion sweatshop when she commits the ultimate intern sin-of-all-sins.  She dares to voice her opinion when she should be cleaning up the the vomit in the bathroom!  Naturally she opens her mouth just in time for Madame designer Waldorf to make her triumphant return and Eleanor doesn't like what she hears.  You're fired Jenny Humphrey!  But wait, perhaps the blackout of clooooosure will save your job yet!

Now we get really complicated when it comes to our besties, Blaire, Chuck and new faves Nate and Duchess Catherine. The big 'D" still has her finger on Nate (remember she's paying for his debts) and 'B' still has her finger on the Duchess (she caught her getting busy with Nate in the library) while poor Lord Marcus and Brooklynite Vanessa get caught up in the evil game, unbeknownst to them, of course. 

Stay with me.

D (the Duchess) takes N out shopping when V calls.  N makes plans to see V and D gets wise.  D calls B (because blackmail makes you auto scheming buddies) and B tells her she'll take care of the matter.  B pays a visit to N & V while they're on their date and invites them both to her party.  What they don't know is D will be there too.  Meanwhile, C (that's Chuck) is having a terrible case of the can't-get-it-ups because apparently 'B' has become his "sexual drano" and the only cure is to have her.

Of course, by the time the party gets started, that darn heat wave causes a city wide black out, and everyone knows the truth looks much nicer by candle light.


The heat really gets to 'B' but the Lord keeps thwarting her sexual advances.  Eventually she's had enough and tells him to meet her in the bedroom so he can finally prove how much he cares. Little does she know, Chuck heard the entire thing and naturally he uses his smashing fake British accent to get into her room and then, into her mouth. 

Meanwhile, Serena and Dan are trapped in an elevator, forced to face their problems which quickly becomes a battle of the classes.  Looks like 'D' has had enough of standing in 'S's Coco Chanel shadow. 

Nate is in the library again but this time with Vanessa.  Except instead of getting busy, he's getting honest, telling her the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him God because as soon as he steps out, the big 'D' steps in. 

When the lights come back on, Serena and Dan have called it quits but are still madly in love.

Eleanor has decided she prefers Little J's flair for the truth and she gets her job back, but not before she awkwardly finds out daddy Rufus is dating again.  Someone please bring his story line (Serena's mom) home! 

Blaire is busted in the bedroom with Chuck but claims she thought it was the Lord.  M'Lord doesn't fall for such Tom Foolery so 'B' decides to tell him the truth.  They fall into each others arms, leaving Chuck alone and quietly lamenting.  Foiled again! 

Nate searches for Vanessa and catches her just as she's about to leave.  She doesn't tell him a thing except that it's over, but later we find out the Duchess has threatened to inform the authorities of Mr. Archibald's whereabouts if V doesn't back off.

Next week?  We're FINALLY back to school and if the preview we got last night is any indication, the scandal has only just begun.

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