Don't Forget to Tivo - Sunday 9/21

  • ABC has the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards (which we're live blogging!)
  • CBS has repeats of Cold Case and Criminal Minds
  • NBC has NFL Football startings at 8:15
  • Fox has repeats of The Simpsons and Family Guy
  • CW has repeats of Privileged at 8 and America's Next Top Model at 9
  • BBCA has a new Skins at 10
  • DISC has a new Raging Nature (landslides) at 8, Tornado Rampage at 9 and Raging Nature (swarms and stampedes) at 10
  • HBO has a new True Blood at 9 and Entourage at 10
  • HGTV has a new House Hunters at 9 and House Hunters International at 9:30
  • LIFE has a new Army Wives at 10 which is preceded by a repeat at 9
  • MTV has Paris Hilton's My New BFF Casting Special at 8 and repeats of The Hills, Exiled and Real World/Road Rules Challenge
  • SHO has repeats of Dexter at 9 and Weeds at 10

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All times are Eastern


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