Another Remake - Partridge Family

The-Partridge-Family-the-partridge-family-546246_283_400.jpgIt's certainly turning out to be the year of the re-do as yet another one is in the works, and this time it's the Partridge Family.  According to Variety, Reveille and Geffen Records have gotten together with Sony Pictures (the Partridge rights holder) to create a modern day version of the family who sings together.

However, this time it sounds like they'll be making fun of themselves as insiders say it's a more 'tongue-in-cheek' take on the original.  That's no big surprise as Reveille Productions is responsible for shows like The Office and Ugly Betty.

"We're not going to be caught up in nostalgia," Fair said. "The original was a great touchstone -- our goal is to use it and spring forward from it."

Then why don't we just call it something else? 

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