Amazing Race 13 Tonight! Who do you think will win?

Check out the 11 couples who will be traveling the world in The Amazing Race 13.  The season starts tonight at 8pm on CBS! 

Who do you think will win?

Aja & Ty
The Long Distance Couple
These two met 4 years ago in college but she lives in L.A. and he lives in Detroit.  Aja is an aspiring actress who currently works as a makeup artist and says her biggest pet peeve with Ty is a "poor estimation of time" (Aka he's late all the time).  Ty is a banker and thinks Aja's biggest weakness is that she is easily upset.

Andrew & Dan
Frat Brothers
Sometimes referred to as "Team Superbad", these two met at Arizona State. Dan graduated last winter with a degree in Toursim Management and loves to party.  Andrew is a senior and says not to let his appearance fool you, he's hands-on and assertive. These two think they'll be able to talk their way through the race by cracking jokes and promise to entertain us in "their own special way."

Anita & Arthur
The Hippies
These two have known eachother for 26 years (married for 14) and they make/sell their own honey and recently purchased a blueberry farm.  Anita's biggest peeve about Arthur is his tendency to over analyze but Arthur sees himself has a "problem fixer". 

Terrence & Sarah
The Young Fighting Couple
These two haven't even been together for a year and claim to be total opposites.  Sarah has an MBA and works on Wall Street while Terrence works in real estate and coaches runners.  Sarah says she is relaxed and low maintenance while Terrence tends to get a little emotional.  They see the race as a test of their relationship and are worried they'll "become to intense" and fight with eachother. 

Marisa & Brooke
The Southern Blondes
These are our newest BFFs with a desire to prove they're not just a couple of "cute blondes".  They insist they are cut-throat competitors and have no problem flirting to get themselves through the race.  Marisa is a student in broadcast journalism and believes her dance training has taught her to stay focused.   Brooke is a graphic designer who loves to travel. 

Mark & Bill
The Geeks
These two have been friends for over 23 years, having first met at a sci-fi club.  Mark is the outgoing one and says he "isn't afraid of adventure".  His last vacation was a climb up the side of a vocano in the South Pacific.  Bill is the goofball with more of a cautious and relaxed attitude.  They plan to use their heads to win the big race. 

Toni & Dallas
Mother & Son

As a single mom, Toni gave up a lot to make sure her son had the best life possible and now he's all grown up and living on his own.  Dallas says he's very persuasive and loves getting people to do his bidding.  He thinks his moms weakness is long winded storytelling.   Toni thinks of herself as a leader but knows she'll have to rely on her son for the more physical aspects of the race.

Nick & Starr
Brother & Sister

These two consider themselves to be practically twins and are best buds even though they don't see eachother all that much.  Their biggest difference according to Nick is that Starr tends to jump in head first without thinking while he is more methodical.  Nick is an actor on Broadway while Starr is a chearleader for the Dallas cowboys.

Kelly & Christy
The Not Blonde BFFs

Kelly and Christy have been their for eachother for 10 years, including through both of their marriages and divorces.  Kelly was a dancer and is now a pharmaceutical rep.  She says she tends to lose her patience easily and that Christy can be a little tempermental.  Christy is a business development rep for an insurance company and thinks their Texas charm will help them win the race.

Ken & Tina
The Married Couple

These two have been seperated now for 9 months, living on seperate coasts, and hope the race will bring them back together.  Ken is an ex-NFL player who played for the Cardinals and the Chargers.  He thinks Tina is too controlling and needs to relax.  Tina is a business owner and CEO and believes she is the brains of the operation. 

Anthony & Stephanie
The Soon-To-Be Engaged Couple

These two are a pair again after a year long break-up and hope the race will lead to an engagement.  However, there's a chance their bickering just might get in the way. Anthony is a mortgage broker and says he is adventurous.  Stephanie is a financial saleswoman who can't wait to meet new people on their journeys. 


My guesses, based entirely on this write up. Looking forward to seeing them all in action.

Aja & Ty - No way. He's late, she's cranky.
Frat Boys - No read on them, one way or the other.
Hippies may work well together, but they look pretty out of shape. I doubt they will be quick or strong enough to last.
Terrence & Sarah - I never bet on anyone who is "testing their relationship".
The BFF Blonds - Will do well, at least for the first half.
The Geeks - I like these two so far. They've known each other forever, seem to be smart and fit.
Toni & Dallas - I was liking their chances til I read that Mom is relying on son to do all the physical stuff. The whole race is pretty demanding physically.
Nick & Starr - I'll root for them for a while, just because I love a brother/sister team. Wait and see how they work together.
Kelly & Christy - Their self description sounds like they will flame out fast.
Ken & Tina - Probably already have contacted divorce lawyers. These two should have stayed home.
Anthony & Stephanie - See above, except they won't need to go to court to split up.

We know who will win...Nick and Starr Spangler. He's a musical actor, and that's why he'll win. Check out the video!

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