Blue Alert

Anjani Anjani
Blue Alert

Reviewed for Coffeerooms by Bettie Snyder

ANJANI'S BLUE ALERT CD is a masterpiece. This young woman from Hawaii is the kind of chanteuse that all singers aspire to and few attain. She's a mood weaver.

Not only does she have pipes that will knock your socks off, but her own piano accompaniment is perfect, understated, with a shade of Vince Guaraldi every now and then.

Cut six (No One After You) moves from soul to a jazzy upbeat that lets her spread her vocal wings. Then she deftly moves on to Cut seven (Never Got To Love You) with its delicious gospel/country beat and melody.

Cut 10 (Thanks For The Dance) will waltz you right off your seat for a spin around the floor.

Anjani Thomas's musical ability and sensitivities, along with her genius collaborator and producer, Leonard Cohen, prove the adage: less is more. If you love CDs that you want never to end, BLUE ALERT is a must for you collection.



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