Kick Starter of the Week: 1024 Bits of You and Me

His name is Pesi and he makes tiny awesome paintings.He wants to make a lot of these tiny awesome paintings, 1024 to be exact.

Kick Starter of the Week: Trade School - pay with barter... not cash

How many times have you wanted to take a class, but you couldn't afford it? Trade School based in NYC has found a solution and wants to continue doing so, with your help.

Kick Starter of the Week - Homespun: Modern Handmade

If you're an artist or art lover who believes in promoting the handmade, skip that Latte today and give it to the Homespun Kick Starter.

Kick Starter of the Week: The Apology Line

This Kick Starter, The Apology Line, is a surprising and incredibly moving art project.

Kick Starter of the Week: Saving a Piece of 1972

Pledge to this week's featured Kick Starter and help an artist keep a long term promise to his mother.

Kick Starter of the Week: Artist-Panhandler Partnerships

This week's Kick Starter is just to unique (and a little bizarre) to pass up.

Kick Starter of the Week - Sound Through Sight: Understanding Music in 2010

This Kick Starter aims to answer a question in my own mind: What exactly is the current state of music and the music industry?

Kick Starter of the Week - Noon Design Studio: The only natural dye house in the US

This week's Kick Starter feature is really something special, especially if you're all about going green.

Kick Starter of the Week- Bit Parts: Photographs

In a search for Kick Starters similar to what I plan to put together one day, I found Mia Erin Beach's project and fell instantly in love.

Kick Starter of the Week - My Best Khaki Pants

This week's Kick Starter is a woman after my own heart. Check out Janeen McCrae's dream to travel across the US on her bike and write about it.

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