Etsy Wednesday - Vintage Leather Gloves from Le Nouveau Noir

You simply must check out these beautiful and truly unique leather vintage gloves!

Etsy Wednesday - Stunning Handmade Jewelry Boxes

You absolutely MUST see these amazing jewelry boxes form Jim Jenkins Designs.

Etsy Wednesday - Leah Giberson

Check out these beautifully simple and yet extremely intricate paintings from Leah Giberson!

Etsy Wednesday - Beautiful Art by Hide N Seek

I am in a seriously wintry mood today and the Hide N Seek Etsy shop is the perfect match.

Etsy Wednesday - Miniature (and full sized) Hats

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I checked out the Anime Fest on our dinner break just to pass the time. Our favorite part was seeing all the amazing Lolita costumes and best of all...the tiny hats!

Etsy Wednesday - Going Mobile

Are these not some of the coolest mobiles you've ever seen? I could totally hang every one of them in my apartment.

Etsy Wednesday - This is Halloween!

It's finally that time of year again! Costumes, candy, cider and the color orange...it's almost Halloween!

Etsy Wednesday - It's fall!

Some of my favorite things about fall are wool socks, scarves, and hot coffee. Check out these fantastic mugs from Niswander Ceramics!

Etsy Wednesday - Cute & Cozy Cloches

Check out these adorable cloches from the Bonnies Knitting shop on Etsy!

Etsy Wednesday - Recycled Sweater Slippers for Tots

It's really feeling like fall around here so be prepared for the cozy, autumn inspired Etsy shops for a few weeks!

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