Etsy Wednesday - Unique Advent Calendar

Why use a regular Advent Calendar when you can have something so unique as this!

Etsy Wednesday - Adorable Gift Tags

It's not always about the gift that you're giving, it's also about the wrapping. Atleast for some of us. So the moment I found these adorable gift tags, I knew you all needed to see them too.

Etsy Wednesday - Coal for Someone's Stocking

Believe it or not, there are only 49 days left until Christmas and seeing as how we all hate waiting until the last minute, it's time to start showcasing some unique gifts so you can shop now before it's too late.

Etsy Wednesday - Loopy Boopy Dolls

I know, I know, another creepy doll you ask? These are literally one of a kind and clearly nothing but love and imagination was put into each one!

Etsy Wednesday - Handmade Spooky Dolls

These dolls might be a little on the creepy side, but they are beautifully hand crafted and you're guaranteed a unique Halloween! Get them quick, it's almost here!

Etsy Wednesday - Shadow Puppets!

Check out these fun and unique shadow puppets from Orange Moon Toys.

Etsy Wednesday - Not Your Grandpa's Birdfeeder

Joseph Papendick's bird feeders (and more) are a must see! Unique, intricate and sometimes bizarre, you just gotta check 'em out.

Etsy Wednesday - Cuff 'Em Danno

Check out these great leather cuffs! Featured photo holds a fun little secret!

Etsy Wednesday - Hypnotized

It's Etsy Wednesday again! Check out these amazing pendants I found. Truly unique. Perfect for those who love the double take.

Etsy Wednesday - Pull up a Chair

Check out this weeks incredible and unique Etsy find! You just might find something you have to have!

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