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Feed Reading - Get yer inspiration right here!

It's simple. Every week I dive into my feed reader (that I used to neglect) and pick a bunch of awesome out of my arts & design folder. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

Feed Reading - Get Inspired

Need a healthy dose of inspiration? Check out some great finds from my feed reader this week.

Friday Feed Reading - Get Inspired

Another glimpse into the arts folder of my feed reader. See what's up in arts and design this week!

Feed Reading on a Saturday

Another little peak into the wondrous things I've found in my feed reader this week. Enjoy!

Some Late Feed Reading

Check out some of the sweetest finds from my feed reader. Get yerself a good dose of inspiration!

Friday Feed Finds

Another little taste of the wonderful things popping up in my feed reader this week. Enjoy!

Feed Reading - A Monday Edition

I've been off the grid for too long and missed out on some of my favorite posting. So here's a late edition of Friday's Feed Reading.

Friday Feed Reading - Inspiration from my arts folder

Happy Friday everyone! It seems the general consensus these days is that we've all subscribed to more blogs than we could ever possibly read. Take a moment today to browse and remind yourself why you started following them in the first place.

Friday Feed Reading - Inspiration from my arts folder

I had so much fun highlighting some great stuff found via my feed reader last week, that I just had to do it again. Nothing like some quick inspiration to get you day going, right?

This week in the arts folder of my feed reader:

Take a gander at some of the incredible stuff I found in my feed reader this week!

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