Etsy Wednesday

Etsy Wednesday - January's Visual Art

Check out the final pick for January's "Etsy Wednesday" theme, Visual Art. You won't be disappointed! The Obsolete World shop has something for everyone.

Etsy Wednesday - January's Visual Art

This week's Etsy Wednesday is a couple of truly stunning pieces of work from David Robinson. You gotta see them!

Etsy Wednesday - January's Visual Art

Check out this weeks beautiful Etsy find for the theme of Visual Art this month!

Etsy Wednesday - Visual Art Month

I've decided to dedicate this month's Etsy Wednesday's to visual art! Come check out my first find by Lisa Hurwitz.

Etsy Wednesday - Beautiful & Unique Jewelry

This week's Etsy find genuinely had me do a double take. Please check out this beautiful and unique jewelry from the J2Jewelry shop on Etsy!

Etsy Wednesday - Paper Dolls!

Still on the hunt for some last minute gifts? Check out these cheap, unique and adorable paper dolls!

Etsy Wednesday - Uniquely Costomized

Still shopping for the holidays? Check out these gorgeous and customizable pieces of jewelry!

Etsy Wednesday - Black Friday Edition

It's Black Friday! If you're doing your shopping online, you HAVE to check out this gorgeous and truly unique jewelry from the Below 14th Etsy shop!

Etsy Wednesday - Unique Advent Calendar

Why use a regular Advent Calendar when you can have something so unique as this!

Etsy Wednesday - Adorable Gift Tags

It's not always about the gift that you're giving, it's also about the wrapping. Atleast for some of us. So the moment I found these adorable gift tags, I knew you all needed to see them too.

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