Etsy Wednesday

Etsy Wednesday - Birthday Special

My birthday is this week and I've decided to showcase some Etsy finds that I really really really want! I hope you enjoy!

Etsy Wednesday - IKA Bags!

You're destined to find a bag for yourself at the IKA Bags shop on Etsy. And they're affordable!

Etsy Wednesday - Awesome Tees

Check out these perfect designer tees! All one of a kind and something for everyone!

Etsy Wednesday - Beautiful Handmade Ceramics

I really want to have one of everything and decorate my kitchen around this gorgeous pottery from Whitney Smith's Pottery shop.

Etsy Wednesday - Handmade Masks

I think it's pretty obvious why I chose to feature this Etsy seller this week. The masks in the Merimask shop are truly beautiful and unique.

Etsy Wednesday - Badass Belt Bags and More...

This week's pick might not be for everyone, but I think everyone can agree the awesome items in the Jungle Tribe shop are truly unique.

Etsy Wednesday - Creative Dexterity's Geek Jewelry

You gotta see this fantastic geek jewelry from the Creative Dexterity shop on Etsy!

Etsy Wednesday - April Goes Green w/Unique Jewelry

It's the last Etsy Wednesday of April's "Going Green" theme and I think we're going out with a bang with this truly unique jewelry.

Etsy Wednesday - April Goes Green - Happy Earth Day!

How convenient that Etsy Wednesday should land on Earth day! In celebration I'm featuring 4 great items and all of them have Earth Day specials, so be sure to check 'em out!

Etsy Wednesday - April Goes Green w/Recycled Totes

Check out these fantastic environmentally friendly totes! You've gotta get one....

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