Etsy Wednesday

Etsy Wednesday - Get yer t-shirts on!

I am a jeans and tshirt girl. It's just how I roll. Whenever summer comes around, I start stocking up on new tees... it's that time.

Etsy Wednesday - Relax

We opened our show this week and now I'm taking a much needed break. I just want to kick back and relax. Here's a handful of relaxing photographs found and for sale on Etsy. Enjoy.

Etsy Wednesday - Five From Brooklyn

Check out a few finds from my home borough of Brooklyn!

Etsy Wednesday - Beautiful Bokeh

It's a very drab and dreary Wednesday here in NYC so I thought I'd simply try and lighten the mood with some beautiful photography featuring bokeh found on Etsy.

Etsy Wednesday - Window Shopping

Sometimes you just can't resist all those little things you do not need. Here's a small collection of those items from Etsy.

Etsy Wednesday - Stuffed

Sometimes you just need to cozy up with a little stuffed toy to make the world right again. Why not snag one of these cuties from Etsy?

Etsy Wednesday - Earth Tones

Earth day is this weekend (the 22nd) and I wanted to continue on with the theme, but a little differently this time. So I've highlighted some awesome Etsy finds featuring earth tones. Yum!

Etsy Wednesday - Going Green 5 Ways for Earth Day

Going green isn't always easy, but it can be fun and inspiring! Check out these great Etsy finds for Earth day.

Etsy Wednesday - Robins Egg Blue

I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens yesterday to see the cherry blossoms and nab some inspiration. Instead I saw my first Robin of the season!

Etsy Wednesday - Get Your Geek On 10 Different Ways

You definitely don't have to be a geek to enjoy these Etsy finds... but it helps!

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