Properly heat a pan...who knew?

No, I'm not suddenly turning into a cooking blog, but I had to share this video I came across from

Quick and easy tilt shift effect for your photos...

Now you can add the tilt shift effect to your photos with just a few clicks of the mouse. Check it out!

Make Magazine's Kite Aerial Photography

You gotta check out this awesome video on kite aerial photography from Make Magazine!

Camera tricks...

Check out a couple of fun ways to liven up your photography. No expensive equipment necessary!

Get creative for Halloween. Fantasy pumpkins!

Check out this (and other) AMAZINGLY creative and unique pumpkin carving. Also, instructions so you can make your own!

Just my imagination...

Reminding yourself that you still have an imagination is one the hardest things to do as an adult. What would you have done when you were still a child?

Learn a fun photo effect...the tilt shift!

Learn how to bring an old photograph to life with this fun effect. Instructions using GIMP, the free image manipulation program!

No news is what news?

As writers, we also suffer the block every now and then. So how do I react to it? To post or not to post, that is the question!

Some tips for NYC tourists. Seriously.

The one where I give some tips to tourists planning to visit the big apple.

Graffiti and a New Photoshop Technique

This is a shot taken from my subway platform.  There is a ton of graffiti lining the wall across the tracks...

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