Happy weekend! 5 Super Simple DIY Projects

Try out these 5 super easy to do DIY projects around the home. Have a great weekend!

Creative Block? 7 Helpful Resources

Check out these seven very helpful resources on how to battle that ever present creative block.

Day of Catch Up - 5 Ways to Help Tackle an Overwhelming To-Do List

After an extremely long weekend (5 shows, an opening night, visit from the fella's mom, etc) I've found myself incredibly behind and overwhelmed with my list of to-do.

5 Fantastic DIY Projects

Hope you had a great weekend! Now get crackin' on these DIY projects, will ya?

5 Fantastic Valentine's Day DIY Project Tutorials

You've just gotta see these 5 Valentine's Day projects. Get inspired and make something special for your loved one!

Five great DIY finds this week...

If my world was perfect, I would spend just as much time making these DIY projects as I do staring at them on the internets.

Make background patterns with a couple clicks - BgPatterns

I love it when sites make the obnoxious little things so much easier with a couple of clicks.

Really easy DIY recycling project - Hurricane Cover

Check out these super simple DIY projects from A Little Hut!

Check it out...Lifehacker's top photography hacks of '09

I love Lifehacker. I love Lifehackers photography hacks. Check out their top hacks of 2009 in this handy dandy list!

Why not make your own lip balm...

Hooray for the internet answering my mouth's prayers with a little DIY lip balm!

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