My Photography

Just my imagination...

Reminding yourself that you still have an imagination is one the hardest things to do as an adult. What would you have done when you were still a child?

First impressions...

What are your first thoughts when you see an interesting photograph? Are you offended or do you see something more?

Buddha sez remember...

Another photograph of an every day object that wouldn't normally catch my eye.

What comes easy

The post where I remember I always have photography to fall back on.

Loosening my grip...

The one where I talk briefly about stress and motivation.

When there's nothing else to say...

A photograph in place of words.

Storm's a Brewin'

The one where I talk briefly about hurricanes and how I feel about them.

Getting My Groove Back

The one where I tell you how ridiculously busy I've been lately, but it's a good thing.

My life in the Green Room

The one where I share a photo of the green room and talk about my long long days of waiting around.

Silver Lining - AKA Not so bad afterall

The one where I remark on the silver lining that was today and also tell a bad joke!

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A little about...

Arts & Dafts aims to inspire, share and create with other artists and art lovers. I'm Ry Pepper, a Jane of All Trades with a concentration in photography, writing, theater, capers, hijinks and other tomfoolery. I'm the daft. -More About

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