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It's been a really long week.

Missing You

A photograph I made for the fella a few days after he left for the summer.

Today's Photo - Blargh

Feeling kinda "blargh" since the fella left today for 4 months.

Bye for now

The fella leaves on Wednesday for 4 months (again) and I have to get used to the quiet and empty bed.

Stuck indoors...

This weekend was beautiful but I was stuck inside feeling sorry for myself with a nasty sinus infection.

Today's Photo - Dream

A new series of photos I've been working on. Check it out!

Today's Photo

A photo from my morning walk to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

The gallery photo...

The photo I submitted to Eye Level Gallery that will be on display starting this Saturday!

My first gallery show!

It's true! One of my photos will be shown in the Eye Level gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Sunset in Spring

Working my butt off but not forgetting to relax every now and then.

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