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Get Me Outta Here

Don't mind me, just longing to get the hell outta the city for awhile.

Getting Out

My brother invited me to join him on a trip to Coney Island for the Siren Festival this weekend.

I'm back...

There are tons of things I wanted to capture on my vacation down south this weekend, but most of all I wanted lightning.

Searching for a silver lining

I haven't properly bathed since last Thursday.  You see, I had a little drip in the shower and the landlord's buddy came...

Alive and breathing...

The last few days have been fun, new, interesting, mind numbing, crazy-making and all around quite an experience!

Here comes the rain again...

It has been overcast and raining here in NYC for what feels like forever.

Almost Done

It's almost that time again. We close the show on Sunday and I get some time off to enjoy the summer.


Unfortunately I don't have my usual Monday off this week.


Today was a day of healing for me.


When I'm not at work, I just want to curl up and watch TV.

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