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This is my photo-a-day shot from yesterday. I didn't get to post it, or the other one, this weekend because work and things breaking at work has taken over my brain.

Today's Photo - Got my lens back!

This is one of the first shots I snagged after picking up my lens from the shop yesterday.

Pigeon Parliament

Every day at work, when we have our ten minute breaks, my co-worker and I step out back for some fresh air and watch the insanely large group of pigeons hangout on the bridge at the Port Authority.

The fella is back!

He's finally back! After a long 4 months and a delayed return due to the flu, the fella is home.

The battle for motivation...

That's it...I've had enough! I'm sick of creative block and laziness getting me down.

Look Great!

Check out this fun shot I snagged on my way to work.


I'm back at work this week and missing the outdoors already.

Backwards and Forward

Looking back on old photos, found this great one of the fella. He's coming home soon!

A milestone...

Today I have a photograph (with my naaaaaaaaaaaame under it!!) in the New York Times for the "Lyric is Waiting" review.

Feeling Accomplished

I did it! My first official photo shoot!

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